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Hardwick 2011 Stand-Up Tour: CHAOTIC GOOD


That’s right, nerdizens! My 2011 US stand-up tour “Chaotic Good” has been announced! Just now! By me!

Will I be coming to a city near YOU?? Dates/cities will be released in the coming weeks.


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  1. Tricia Bobeda says:

    I have my tickets for your show at The Magic Bag in Ferndale (Detroit adjacent) and wanted to volunteer to do some street promotion because you’re awesome and I want the show to be packed so you come back to Michigan again. Want me to flier some nerdy places?

  2. Phil says:

    Come to the Midwest! All those Canadian border states don’t count. Come to Saint Louis! And some one up there wanted Ohio. Also, Lincoln, Nebraska is a pretty cool little university city.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I second the Columbus comment! Please come here!

  4. Keith says:

    Pleasssseeeee come to San Diego (Home of Comicon!!!! and friend to all nerdists)….besides we’re just down the “street” from ya ….just make it a weekend as I work like a dog during the week i.e. teacher, here….(sob)

  5. Keith says:

    Seconding @branden, if you come to Columbus I will get at least 3 tickets sold.

  6. Adam Murray says:

    Please come back to Helium in Philadelphia. Need you to bless my 20 sided dice.

  7. Ian Campbell says:

    If you come to Seattle/Tacome area that would amazing! If you do I would love to do street team stuff for you. Just let me know.

  8. Jamie says:

    Please come to Vancouver! Paul F. Tompkins absolutely slayed when he was year in late 2010 and I am sure you will too!

  9. Lucy says:

    Your Friday SF show was totally awesome! I’m still laughing about redneck comment threads. And you really should give The Big Bang Theory a shot. It has lots of sincere nerd love.

  10. smartbunny says:

    Yikes. The HuKeLau just called me to “make sure you are coming alone.”


  11. smartbunny says:

    Just got tix to Chicopeeeee (like “Nell” – taaaay inna wyyyn…)

  12. Susan says:

    Just got tickets for your show in Chicago next month. Hope you can also come to St. Louis with your tour!

  13. Chris says:

    Please come to KC or close! At least St. Louis, I can justifiy that to my wife, but much further (or is it farther, damn you, grammar) is too much…

  14. Kasian says:

    You should do a show at that one place in that town where people have that thing.

  15. Andre says:

    Houston calls you, sir. Plenty of kind, comedy nerds here. Forgive us our past trespasses!!!

  16. Rollin says:

    20d+2 rollin. 17 aww sorry cant come.

  17. Lincoln says:

    Come back to NYC por favor!

  18. branden says:

    Oh damn! I hope you come to Ohio!
    Do come to Columbus if you can. If not Columbus, go to Cincinnati @ Go Bananas – great club.

  19. gigdrummer says:

    Please, please, please come to the Louisville, KY Improv or Comedy Caravan!