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HALO’s Cortana To Be Microsoft’s Answer To Siri This Spring

She was the apple of my eye when I was laying waste to the Covenant in defense of the human race; Now, she’s on her way to becoming the voice of Windows phone 8.1 mobile devices everywhere. It appears Microsoft has found its answer to voice activated assistants like Google Now and Siri, and her name is Cortana.

That’s right, folks, the same Cortana that we’ve become familiar with over the years playing the Halo franchise will be the voice you hear when you want to look up the nearest Chipotle location (had to be burritos, you know). This isn’t just some feature that’s being named Cortana either. Jen Taylor herself will be reprising her role as the super lovable holographic beauty, starting off on Windows phone mobile and moving on later to non-mobile devices from the Xbox and Windows brands.

Speaking of the Xbox, you have to think that much of this voice recognition tech being used for Cortana was influenced by Microsoft’s efforts with Kinect 2.0. You can actually give the Cortana technology a spin right this very moment by downloading the Bing Translator app for Windows and whispering sweet nothings to it. Well, maybe not so much the whispering part. Expect to see… er… hear Cortana in all of her soothing-voice greatness sometime this April; hopefully free of any rampancy issues or malfunctions.

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  1. Richard Gonzales says:

    i may leave android just for this feature, unless there is a root available later on to incorporate this into say a galaxy s5

  2. Jason Peek says:

    Is there new phones coming out then? I have Sprint and the Windows phones for them are shit.

  3. Zack Grigsby says:

    Oooo yeaa. Lumia FTW!

  4. Fartbooty says:

    Cortana’s got a donk

  5. Fred brinkman says:

    Why not the Guilty Spark?