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The beginning scene from Guardians of the Galaxy that featured Star-Lord dancing about through an alien cave was arguably the most charming opening moment of this summer’s movies. You know, this one:


YouTube user Somewhat Awesome Games clearly agrees, since he recreated Peter Quill’s dance routine in Destiny. The game may be lacking from a plot standpoint, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create (or recreate) stories of your own. Take a look for yourself and tell us if this was close enough to warrant applause:

Though this may not be the most accurate recreation of the Guardians of the Galaxy opening–which is understandable given the limitations Destiny presents–you have to admit this is pretty rad. If only Destiny featured the same in-game recording features that Bungie included in Halo 3, then players could get even more creative with in-game scenes and skits. Considering the game’s solid mechanics and large scale, we have to imagine that this will get added to the game sometime in the future. Make it happen, Bungie, it’s what the people want!

[HT: Youtube via: Kotaku]

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  1. The GIF doesn’t really show anything of the dance Starlord is doing.. that’s pretty damn close actually.. great movie.

  2. lilBluFrakker says:


  3. Destiny Buloo says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! 

  4. Sekushii says:

    I dont get what was recreated?

  5. neoncouch says:

    Pretty sure that was just a trick to make me dizzy. Nice trolling.

  6. Vinzter says:

    Lame sauce.  So, it’s the dance move button push with a song laid underneath.  Whoopee.

  7. MaxBrn says:

    “Recreated”. You DO KNOW what this word means, right?