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‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’ Trailer Features A Few Seconds Of Nathan Fillion’s Voice

Hey, Nathan Fillion fans! As you know, your guy’s providing the voice of Hal Jordan — the — or, more accurately, a — Green Lantern in the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on June 7th.  And here’s the new trailer for it:

Yeah, not much Nathan in there.  You’ll have to wait until June for more.

Oh, and, hey, Rowdy Roddy Piper fans! He’s in this, too, as are Henry Rollins, Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss, Jason “Malfoy” Isaacs, and Michael Jackson. Not the late Michael Jackson (hey, he could have recorded it before… ah, forget it, it’s not him), but the old talk radio guy.

No, I don’t know when the Nathan Fillion Nerdist Podcast episode is going to post. Soon, I imagine.

HT: io9

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  1. Mark Donohue says:

    Hal is the man, bar none, no John, no Guy, no Kyle, Hal is the greatest of them all.

  2. joe cannizzaro says:

    This actually looks better than the upcoming live action film and it’s stupid cgi costume. And the DC animated movies (including the shorts) are almost always super good.

  3. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    That wasn’t supposed to look like trolling or whatever either. The post made it feel like the whole movie and character just came out like a sidenote in comparison to just the guy voicing GL.

  4. Anthony Rodriguez says:


  5. DefconDan says:

    The first Green Lantern film was actually really good people… go check it out… it’s no kiddie cartoon! This looks to be a big ol heaping bowl of awesome-nuts

  6. Tiffany says:

    Personally, while excited about Lantern.. I for one am eagerly anticipating that podcast!!!!!

  7. Oh, just having fun with the (many) folks who’ve been excited about Nathan doing the podcast. I think the Lantern live-action Ryan Reynolds movie will give us plenty of Lantern material coming up….

  8. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Screw specifically addressing the Nathan Fillion fans. This is a more Lantern-centric thing than anything.