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Yub Nub! Greatest Karaoke Video EVERRRRRR.

Thursday nights are karaoke night at the Cantina! I usually cover something by Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band, but how could I ever do anything but this again?

via @BarCodeHair

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  1. metalmethod1 says:

    why am i just NOW seeing this? This is art and genius…and…and… NERDGASM!!! Now for a cigarette, whew.

  2. aman says:

    Nothing beats Yub Nub, but this girl is the world’s biggest Cake fan!!

  3. Derrick Machado says:

    Haha! Yup yup, commander!

  4. Darnell Sockster says:

    I still have my Burger King Ewok action figures!!!

    Seriously, this is the absolute worst shit I have ever
    heard. I am not amused even ironically or for kitch

    Yub Nub? Seriously, Yub Nub?

  5. ChicagoA says:

    What about the Ewok Rap – anyone remember that? It was on some vinyl at some point…I had the lyrics memorized in grade school – I remember that much…

  6. Dan says:

    I have mixed feelings learning of this video. It’s neat that geeks, dorks, and nerds everywhere can learn the lyrics. However, as someone who’s 4th Grade chorus class was TAUGHT this song (we even performed it at a recital) I’m saddened that I’m no longer 1 of about 30 people in the world who actually knows the lyrics. Now I’m probably 1 of 60 people…

  7. Deltus says:

    That’s complete FAIL! Why, they were mixing tenses all over the damned place. Learn to write Ewok, losers!

    Wait, what?

  8. Rusty says:

    This is definitely made of win.

  9. Dan says:

    “Victory Celebration/End Title” can SUCK IT! Yub nub RULES!!

  10. Haha that is so excellet!! i want the ring tone. lol

  11. Louis says:

    That was super awesome!

  12. Patti says:

    If there is a person on this planet who did not smile and feel all warm and fuzzy upon watching this, that person is totally void of any emotions. That was really great! Thanks so much, Chris! Celebrate the love, indeed!

  13. K. "Daigoji" Harper says:

    I believe… I just soiled myself from the grand epic joy and sheer splendour of this video.

    EVERYONE! Join hands on Earth Day, and sing together now:

    YUB NUB!

  14. DM says:

    Excellent. I’ve always loved this infectious jungle party-jam. I tried watching one of the newer releases of Jedi once, and I think this song was entirely taken out 🙁

  15. Jesse says:

    IT’S A TRAP!

  16. Celeste says:

    When can we see this for Rock Band?

  17. Andrew says:

    The tragedy of growing up with Star Wars is the lame rush of emotions that are stirred up by some of the resonant and dramatic moments from the trilogy. Whenever Yub Nub nears the song’s end and the strains of the orchestra flow in, I get flush with the bristling sensation of sadness and joy. Damn you Rebels and your triumphant victory.

  18. jonathan zero says:


  19. Celebrate the Love indeed. Btw, sent everyone to Nerdist podcast mith Macho Ginger Savage. I too was disgusted by his 1st time kill at the mic. I sat in a corner and cried in shame.

  20. mike says:

    is it weird that i knew the words without the lines?

  21. my_leisure says:

    Yub Yub commander

  22. Pete Borini says:

    I just tried singing it. I flubbed a couple of words.

  23. John Gundich says:

    Holy crap. I want to sing that so badly. Nothing will ever be that awesome…even though I hated those damn Ewoks.

  24. Ainslee Lara says:

    Holy crap! You’d have to wear a costume to really complete the performance.

  25. Joe Cuffe says:

    So profound, yet full of feeling and warmth! Yub Nub indeed!

  26. Sam says:

    DUDE this is epic! All StarWars fans should unite and get your sing on! YUB NUB!

  27. Frank says:

    My life, and the life of everyone I know, is better due to the existence of this masterpiece. Say what you will about video-games, Mr. Ebert, but this is, unquestioningly, art.