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Got Apocalypse Questions? The Doctor Is IN


Will the world really end on December 21 –just 3 shopping days before Christmas?

How do I keep my family safe – and my 2nd, secret family?

Where can I buy insurance for “Acts of Zuul?”

Get all your end-times questions answered right here on Nerdist by DR. APOCALYPSE — the last word on the last days.

Send your questions to [email protected]….BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!



Dr. Apocalypse*, aka Rob Kutner, is a writer for CONAN and the author of APOCALYPSE HOW: TURN THE END-TIMES INTO THE BEST OF TIMES and the new e-book, THE FUTURE ACCORDING TO ME.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @ApocalypseHow.


* Technically, it’s only “Mr. Apocalypse” until he turns in THAT F*CKING DISSERTATION. But he can still teach.

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  1. c says:

    Not funny. You are going to cause chaos

  2. Intern Jack says:

    After years of hearing about impending cosmic doom? We just put our Christmas lights up one Thanksgiving and left them there. If you go to the hardware store they sell you a switch to turn them off and on and off and on and off and on and …

    We like to leave the roof top Santa lit for the entire month of August.

    And then there is that way you can wire the rights to say colorful comments the rest of the year. Last year we upgraded to a scroll.

    Anyway. I’d just put ’em up and leave them. Less work.


  3. InternJack says:

    Good gravey, Jane Elaine, I hope so.

    Much better than flying pigs.


  4. InternJack says:

    LOL. Pish posh.

    First we have to find out if TV’s Craig Ferguson renews his contract with CBS. If not he’s open to become the next Dr. Who.

    If he became the next Dr. Who he can go back to the Mayan era and fix the problem with his magic Dr. Who screw driver.

    Focus. This is important.



  5. Chuck B. says:

    If the world ends 3 days before the big holiday, would it be worth it to put up my Christmas Lights?

  6. Jane Elaine says:

    Will men rain from the sky?

  7. Gary Bravender says:

    SSSHHHH! Don’t give away my overlords plans for earth.But if you have any precious metals I’d advise to keep them where Bruce Willis’ dad in pulp fiction hid his watch!!!

  8. eric swanson says:

    So if that crazy haired guy who does the ancient aliens show is right and aliens are after gold … that why there are so many cash for gold commercials now ….are the aliens coming back to collect and if we dont deliver we die or become slaves ?