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Got Another “Green Lantern” Trailer Here, Plus A “Conan the Barbarian” If You Want It

Another “Green Lantern” trailer:


Plus a second “Conan the Barbarian” trailer for the reboot, if you’re into it:



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  1. Andrew Orvedahl says:

    I think the Green Lantern comics are cheesy as hell; I don’t care that he’s an iconic character. A giant glowing green fist is silly in the comics, and it’s ten times sillier on a movie screen. Also, when did Peter Sarsgaard become the poor man’s Brad Dourif? Despite all my shit-talking, I’ll still see it because I see every comic book movie…and I enjoy being pleasantly surprised.

    I enjoyed the Conan trailer more, and the only thing I’m worried about that film is that they’ll go PG-13 and it will be terrible. These days it seems like every film is PG-13, and Conan is definitely an ‘R’ franchise.

  2. Che says:

    I might see Green Lantern in the theater. I just have trouble seeing Ryan Reynold as Hal. And, I hope the finished product looks better than what we see in the trailers. Getting Tired of CG.

    Conan, eh. Not feeling it. It looks, typical.

  3. Stephen says:

    I honestly can’t not see Green Lantern. I have entirely too much love for the series, and since Ryan Reynolds isn’t bad either, I figure the movie can’t be awful – at the very least, I’ll get a good laugh from the way he forces out the end of the Lantern’s Oath like Christian Bale does Batman… The CG won’t annoy me as much as seeing RR square off romantically with the chick from Gossip Girl, though, I think (admittedly, she was good in The Town – but she /really/ does not strike me as the most viable woman in a possible sequel/continuation for Carol Ferris). I complain, but still, there isn’t a force on this planet that could keep me from lining up to see it.

    Conan could be a guilty pleasure – I definitely was not keen on the new Clash of the Titans movie, and this just seems like a slightly darker version without Liam Neeson yelling about a kraken. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    And really, I’d rather support mediocre/entertaining movies and give money to comic book publishers than have them go bankrupt – lest we forget Marvel’s past woes. Less people are buying and prices are only going up for them, and I sure as hell don;t want them to go out of business (yes, I realize they make a metric crap ton of money – but that doesn’t mean they can’t still stop publishing) More money to DC (even if they only get a small amount) means more funding to see the actually-good stories of someone like Green Lantern in print, if not in film – so yes, I am going to see it. Sorry.

  4. Lee says:

    DC Comics/Warner Brothers is FUCKING UP. First CGI costumes that fly in the face of all common sense and years of practical FX use. Next they’re going to let Zack “Fast-Mo-Then-Slo-Mo-Then-Fast-Mo-Again” Snyder ‘Sucker-Punch’ all over Superman.

    It’s really saddening to me to see all the people that are saying “I’ll probably go see Green Lantern anyway, though”.

    Every time you feel the urge to go see it, find a way to fill those two hours of your life. Do that for five months. Torrent it if your curiosity is still killing you at that point.

    But please. PLEASE. Don’t support horseshit. They’re just going to keep making it.

  5. Nathaniel H. says:

    I’m not worried about Conan… he’s clearly a rebootable character, so the time since the Arnold movies should be plenty. Plus I’m excited to see Jason Momoa get some more mainstream roles… this is freakin’ perfect for him! (side note: I haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, but I know he’s in it)

  6. Flairtoo says:

    I’ve come to realize that the more I like a character the more apprehensive I’ll be about them doing a movie. I’ve always been a Batman fan. Nolan has solidified me as a Nolan fan after Returns & TDK. Jonah Hex, another great character, on the other hand was a travesty. I’m a huge Gl fan, and I hope the movie is good, but I’m not real keen on what I’m seeing. As a result of only really knowing Conan through the Arnie movies, I think this new one looks good enough to me.

  7. CW says:

    Wow, Conan looks different since Will Ferrell shaved him.

  8. Tony Bullard says:

    Seriously, people should refuse to watch Green Lantern if the CG is that bad. The more we spend on movies we hope won’t look awful the more they’ll cut corners and make everything look like shit. My God, they can’t even make a simple mask over his eyes not looks fake as hell. Really? You couldn’t rub a mask in glow-stick juice and get the same effect in camera?

  9. Grover Saunders says:

    I suspect that the CG in GL look rough simply because there’s so damn much of it. Based on this trailer, on GL home base, Ryan is literally the only thing that isn’t fully CG, and it looks like a good third of the movie takes place there. They likely just ran out of time and money (not that this makes it okay or anything).

    I thought the Conan trailer looked pretty good actually. Way too much slow-motion in the fight scenes, but there’s potential there.

  10. Seems like the costumes were less “glow-y” on the last trailer and that actually looked better. Supposedly they’re still working on the CGI, though.

  11. Lance says:

    ugh; the CG in Gl feels bad. I’d accept that in a videogame; but im not sure if I can tolerate it in a movie form.

    Don’t get me wrong though; i’ll still wind up going to see it.

  12. Mike says:

    My only question about GL is… why so shitty on the CGI?
    Do they just not have the budget to make it all look realistic so they decided to just make it all look really… cheesy?

  13. Taylor Reschka says:

    Im very excited for green lantern and it seems like they might pull it off. Yet I don’t know how big the fan base is. Lets hope all RR fans come out and support it.

    Conan on the other hand…Looks no different from Prince of Persia. Other then less armor? I don’t know what to think about it other then the horse getting bitch slapped with a chain…

  14. Denice says:

    Just one question. With all the hype on Conan. Where’s Solomon Kane?

  15. Em says:

    @1:19 did he just hit a horse in the face with a chain? … oh boy

    I’m reserving judgement on GL until I see it. I hope ryan reynolds (and his 6pack) can pull it off.

  16. Mal says:

    If it isn’t Arnie, it isn’t Conan in my books. On the other hand it’s good to see Ronon Dex found something to do after Stargate: Atlantis.

    I’ll probably go see Green Lantern. I’m a sucker for comic-based movies.