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Goonies: The Musical

I’m glad this is a thing.

via @neuroticmonkey

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  1. margie anthony says:

    as i scrolled down the page, my eyes widened, my fingers trembled, my mouth watered with delicious anticipation, my heart was ‘aflutter’ at the first sight of your post.

    i wish that i did not turn the sound on before i hit the play button.

    if only future me, warned present me about the lyrical ‘half-assery’ that was to come. crap, now past me wishes she could kick future me’s ass, for making her listen. she would have been completely satisfied just watching the montage without the silly pictures of pirate ships that made her wish they did not dismantle the original from the movie, so it could have been a part of the museum that is set to open this year, just in time for the twenty-fifth anniversary of past, present and future me’s heart becoming whole.

    me thanks chris anyway, with a tiny bit of skeptical eye about him being glad that it is a thing in its entirety.

  2. Jordan! says:

    You sir, entered a magical world of videos. Videos from all over the world. Soo many videos. You looked near and far, high and low, searching for the hidden treasure. But it was you who showed the world what treasures lay hidden within the video world:
    Behold! Goonies: The Musical

  3. Trish says:

    I had the Lego pirate ship they showed! It was sweeeeeet!! And the cannons fired legos (well before that was discontinued because of the safety hazard).

  4. hud says:

    Are you REALLY glad that’s a thing? IMHO that was lame. And not lame if the cool way; Lame in the lame way. But like I said, that’s an ‘imho’ statement. You can do what you want.

  5. William Myers says:

    tubes tubes tubes we’re goin down tubes… there’s a pirate ship!!!

  6. sean james says:

    you guys are silly!

  7. Deltus says:

    Now I’ll have that in my head for a while today. And that’s a good, fun thing.

  8. Kijan says:

    that made me happy

  9. Scott says:

    Well, that is officially awesome.