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Google Android Photos!


I have it! I have it! It’s in my grubby little hands! Prior to Thursday’s review on Attack of the Show, I get to play with the G1 (running Google’s Android on the HTC Dream hardware) so that I may effectively form opinionated sentences about it. I haven’t gotten to tool around with it much yet so I can’t (and won’t) give any details about using it until Thursday, but until then jump on the link below and enjoy these very un-professional photos I took in Photo Booth.


The flash washed out the screen but that gives you more reason to watch AOTS in a couple of days!




Who likes Branding? Someday that logo will be on everyone’s flesh!


You can see it’s about twice the thickness of MacPhone, but it does have a full QWERTY keyboard to house.

Images: Android, Chris Hardwick

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  1. laylaness says:


    Sorry about that, my brain moves faster than my fingers.

    Nope, not Layla Kayleigh, but, yes, my name is Layla.

  2. Niel says:

    Hey Chris, you probably won’t see this comment but just in case you do, I just want to ask, which would be the better option to purchase, the G1 or the (Sprint) Touch Pro?

    Normally I’d say Android because it’s the new iPhone competitor and is the “new kid on the block” (big emphasis on the NEW btw) but it’s future might still be a bit murky in a sense that it’s first generation. Also, while the white one looks interesting/sexy, I can’t help but think that compared to the Touch Pro’s design, the (black and fece..I mean bronze) G1 just looks toy-ish. The Touch Pro already has WinMo, which, despite it’s “oh, it’s just WinMo” rep, it is functional and people have been using it for awhile now so I know it’s not that bad.

    Which one do you think is a better buy? G1 or Touch Pro? I’m a tech junkie and definitely not the busy business type, but I really don’t like first generation phones that might fail, considering the fact that by the end of next year there will be new Android phones (and I don’t think I’ll be waiting that long to get a new phone).

    Anyway, if you respond, thanks man. I’ll give you a dollar or a handshake when you come to San Fran or something.

  3. Casi says:

    another iphone killer.

    can’t wait to show this to the spoiled tweens at my school.

  4. Adam says:

    The only thing that rubs me the wrong way now is that, technically, since you guys changed your review of the iPhone to 85%, both Android’s OS AND HTC’s hardware score better than the iPhone. Seriously? Can we get a 3rd iPhone review? (Considering Apple fixed all but 2 of your complains within two weeks of the second review…)

  5. Horacio says:

    is laylaness, layla kayleigh?

    If android is released in a better phone, I would definitely consider buying it. the OS looked pretty solid on AOTS

  6. Tony D says:

    “Horatio” is more common, and laylaness probably read your name so quick she(?) didn’t notice it was different, I read it the same way until you said something.

    It’s ok though, Chris thought my post was someone else’s ;_;

  7. Horacio says:

    how do you misspell my name when it’s right on the screen??

  8. laylaness says:

    This is probably more appropriate for the last post, but… Do Androids dream of electric (lawn mower) sheep?

    Agreed with Horatio, but I’ll have to settle with T-Mobile and the Android until AT&T’s rates drop enough so I wouldn’t have to sacrifice a small child every month just to pay the bill.

  9. Horacio says:

    can’t wait for the review on AOTS. I love apple’s “sleekness” and the HTC looks kind of clunky.

  10. The Nerdist says:

    cchana: So far, it’s just T-Mobile.

  11. lana012 says:

    Now I can’t wait to see the show on Thursday. I just love your reviews.

  12. Tony D says:

    <_< This is my first time actually reading the comments on your blog Chris...and I see you actually respond to them!? Well I'll be picking up a Blackberry this weekend, is the Android even on Cingular? Er...AT&T?

  13. cchana says:

    Looking forward to this one because I’m due for an upgrade on t-mobile soon after this gets released!

    Things like battery, camera quality are a must know!!

  14. The Nerdist says:

    liesforliars: I don’t know yet!

    cash: that shirt is called “Beard Shirt” on

    Kyle: Yes, your point is 100% true. However, I have to rate the hardware that’s available now, which is the HTC Dream. Yes, the potential for Android is ENORMOUS but that has yet to unfold…when it does, we’ll all have a nerd party.

  15. Kyle says:

    It irratates me how everyone keeps associating Android as the HTC Dream like iPhone is the os! Android potential is bigger than it’s hardware! Even if the HTC Dream is less than! Plus it’s an open platform so it’s only as good as it’s devolpers; which have not weighed in yet.

  16. cash says:

    impressive! As impressive as a shirt with Zach Galifinakis in some sort of photo montage featured in the same photo? I’ll have to wait for AOTS to find out

  17. liesforliars says:

    great, now you can finally answer my question from the sep. 2 aots show. if you had to pick between a new iPhone, and the new Android phone, which would you pick?

  18. Natalia says:

    Cannot wait for Thursdays show. Start off my school day right.

  19. chrisallen says:

    These “unprofessional photos” are gonna be shown to all my friends who’ve been waiting for this supposed iphone killer!

    i already know you don’t like it cuz it’s not been licked… publicly at least!!! PUBLICLY, not pubicly…. silly people…