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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from DAREDEVIL, SUPERGIRL, and More

GIFtastic TV: Scenes from DAREDEVIL, SUPERGIRL, and More

I forgot what even happened last week because Daredevil dropped on Netflix and consumed my life in the best sort of way. I’ve missed my avocados. I have GIFs from Daredevil (nothing with spoilers, don’t worry), from Supergirl, from Once Upon a Time, and from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in this week’s GIFtastic TV. Save them and use them well.

1. Why Decide?

Matt and Foggy had the cutest exchange on the walk to work in the first episode of Daredevil season two. When Matt asked if Foggy went to the gym, he pointed out his great decision-making abilities.
Use this GIF when: Your friends ask how your paleo diet is going.
[via Gif Daredevil]

2. Letting It Out

Kara was exposed to Red Kryptonite in the most recent episode of Supergirl, and it made her lash out at those around her in cruel ways. When she snapped out of it and realized all the horrible things she said, she was completely distraught–as you can probably tell from the GIF.
Use this GIF when: You’re emotionally wrecked.
[via Mati]

And because you might need to fight:

[via Daily DC Gifs]

3. Whaaaaa

You don’t need to know what caused Matt Murdock to have this expression in Daredevil. It screams, “The hell?”
Use this GIF when: All you’re thinking is, “WTF?!”
[via LEG924END]

4. Finally!

Mary Margaret realized something in last Sunday’s Once Upon a Time: she’s better as Snow White. This GIF captures Regina’s reaction, and I couldn’t agree more.
Use this GIF when: Someone takes too long to get back to you about plans.
[via Mar]

5. …and Chill.

Is down time a thing that happens in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Because instead of sparring with Daisy, Lincoln had another suggestion.
Use this GIF when: You want to suggest an alternative to leaving the house.
[via the hexologist]

I’m going to guess you’ve been bingeing Daredevil. Share your favorite gifs from the series so far with me in the comments or gif me up on Twitter (no spoilers, please).



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