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Ghostbusters in the NY Public Library

Improv Everywhere strikes again. BRILLIANTLY.

The ghost with the briefcase and laptop slayed me.

via Gizmodo

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  1. C.A.B. Fredericks says:

    Tangentially, more people need to refer to the NYPL as “the Nipple”. Get on it, folks.

  2. Chris W. says:

    I love that this video’s music is a total rip-off… which is PERFECT considering the history of the original movie’s soundtrack. Meta!!!

  3. Rob says:

    I don’t really get how this is “improv.” But still funny! I like the idea…

  4. LC says:

    SOOOOO great! I love those people who got it!

    Another video for Chris H…

  5. Deltus says:

    Wonderful. Aren’t they coming out with a new Ghostbusters movie? I wonder if this was funded by that?

  6. Patrick says:

    So I guess I have to be Comic Book Guy and be the guy to point out that Winston wasn’t even part of the group in the Library scene? And they didn’t have uniforms at that time?

    These minor oversights have completely ruined this free entertainment.

    Seriously though, I hope this hopes out the library – great cause.

  7. shakrat says:

    Honestly, if I hadn’t seen Ghostbusters, looking at that I would have thought: “American soldiers chasing women in burkas?” I hope someone clued in the people there who hadn’t seen the movie. (Considering it’s a public space in NYC, there were probably a bunch of people not from the West.)

  8. nick says:

    not those ghostbusters

  9. Ray says:

    Hahaha, this is so great. I wonder what the first ghost said to the security guard that prevented him from being tased. =-D

  10. Luna Saisho says:

    A little long and drawn out in the beginning as the ghosts filter in … but otherwise brilliant and funny! ^_^

  11. Chuck says:

    I’m impressed that in today’s climate they didn’t get themselves tased.

  12. Mama Gaea says:

    Oh gawd. That WAS brilliant! And the funny thing is, I have Ghostbusters in my DVD player RIGHT NOW!!


  13. Marc says:

    It’s scary how much one of the guys actually looked like Harold Ramis.