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Gayest Racing Game EVER. (Literally)

This is nine kinds of awesome. I don’t know what the purpose of it is, but do you really need one?

[via Buzzfeed]

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  1. J.A. says:

    I actually get this reference/internet meme, haha… It’s probably a short clip made by some crazy Japanese nerds (aka otaku) who idolize this gay porn star Billy Harrington. The whole thing is pretty famous in Japan and Korea, actually, and these clips usually take soundbites from his (in)famous work, in which he wrestles another guy and then gets into um… boing-boing, you know what I mean… So if you listen closely, you can hear his voice saying things like “you like that” or “wanna do it again?” The whole phenomenon has kinda exploded into this giant internet media thing in Japan and Billy Harrington actually visited Japan to meet his fans several years back in Valentine’s day…

    In short, not a video game, just a random clip celebrating the manliness of mori-no-yosei (The Forest Fairy, Billy Harrington’s nickname in Japan)…

    PS. Though you might not believe, this entire thing is NOT a gay thing…

  2. Justin D. says:

    Uhhh. I’m gay and I’m offended by that. Baby Crotch Face was a terrible mistake. It was our attempt at natural (unnatural) reproduction (crimes against nature), the experiment, obviously, failed. We locked them away deep in Fire Island and swore to never speak of them again. But they escaped and we dressed our best men to look like red necks and gave them construction vehicles, so it would look like any old ‘chasin’ the gays,’ a common occurance here in the South. As you can see above, it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

    Ps- Chris Hardwick, I met you at SD Comic-Con this year (the 2 or 3 o’clock singing thing, I was the guy who got his BSG PSP stolen by an old lady) and I wanted to tell you that you do have a gay fan base. It may be just me and my boyfriend. But don’t worry about him, I told him that he’ll have to take a backseat should you ever become curious.

  3. neuhaus says:

    this is your gay on drugs.

  4. Johnny says:

    The missile-spitting baby head was quite a palate cleanser! I had to go get a rag for my monitor, and tape on a fresh Bonies!

    Most awesome video yet!

  5. I think my mind just exploded and I would have voted for Proposition 8, just on that video alone. Are all gay muscular guys that flexible? They seem to know each others bodies pretty well to be able to contort into shapes like that. Props to them I guess.

    Great video.


  6. John says:

    No comments on the music? I don’t know a soul who couldn’t get down to those sweet beats.

  7. Ramon says:

    How do you end up with this video, do you just type: race 3d gay baby head into the search bar.

    I laugh when he took his tighty whities off and a “head” appeared.
    great vid

  8. Baxter says:

    I need a palate cleanser!

  9. richit says:

    Seriously, WTF?? Please tell me this is not a real game!

  10. icemanplyr101 says:

    The best part is the fact that the steamroller was drifting through the first part of the clip! YEEEAYA!!! FTW!

  11. WTF is this gayness? is it a real game?

  12. aeon65 says:

    So did anyone else notice the frame cut at 16 seconds in. You have to pause the video just when they show the headlight eyes then do a quick start/stop a couple of times. There are two cut away frames that are worth seeing.

  13. Ashley Pitts says:

    Um, I think I just lost a few billion brain cells. T’was funny, but almost as bad as watching “Dude, Where’s My Car”.

  14. David A. MacNeil says:

    I…don’t get it.

  15. Andrew O says:

    My favorite part was when I showed it to my wife and halfway through she asked, “how can it get any weirder?” And then it got so much weirder.

  16. Joel Massey says:

    While it may be the gayest racing game ever, I confess to rolling the aisle while laughing. I am neither speechless nor dismayed, as some of your other commentators purport to have been, and just want to say that, except for the turtle videos, it’s the most hilarious and easily the funniest video I’ve seen on the web is weeks. BTW… the baby head? WTF?

  17. Justin says:

    Well if you will excuse me, I have to go gouge my eyes out with a Spork now.

  18. Ryan says:

    I think it’s illegal to control this game with a Wiimote in 49 states.

  19. Lorie Doty says:

    Do all buff, gay men have smiling, baby-faced penises? I had no idea.

  20. Chris says:



  21. Brian says:

    I was able to take it all in stride until the baby head. I DID NOT EXPECT THE BABY HEAD.

    That was the exact moment where I went “wait… what?!?”

  22. Marie says:

    Oh My God, why?!

  23. Nos14 says:


  24. Kaz says:

    wtp! Where did u find this? I’m speechless!!!! Dismayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Taamlc says:

    At first I thought I was watching the ambiguously gay duo, Then transformers, then to Teletubbies. Is it trying to keep people from procreating?

  26. 7Murdo says:


    Thats all I got.

    which way to the pallet cleansing??

  27. RKanak says:


  28. SHANEDAV says:

    Ummmmmm Cris how can I un-see This

  29. Deltus says:

    Was fine with it until the baby head, appearing as the one gay dude’s crotch, spat out the red energy blast. I just… my brain doesn’t know how to process that.

    So, uh… win?!

  30. aeon65 says:

    Um… well… just WOW! Don’t quite know what to say about that. But I agree with @Arbmanthesheep.

  31. Jesse Mack says:

    I was able to take it all in stride until the baby head. I DID NOT EXPECT THE BABY HEAD.

  32. Gary says:


  33. 0_O
    The Teletubbies sky baby at the end did me in.

  34. chase says:

    LMAO and sending to all my gay boyfriends right now – thanks!

  35. Arbmanthesheep says:

    Good gravy, man. If I ever found this in my local independent game store, I’d snatch it. If I found it at Gamestop, though, I’d panic my pants.