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Gaming Daily: German Researchers Give Mario a Brain, RESIDENT EVIL HD Remaster Score Roundup

Gaming Daily: German Researchers Give Mario a Brain, RESIDENT EVIL HD Remaster Score Roundup

Since getting back into the swing of things after a fun-filled weekend is difficult, we’re here to serve up a healthy helping of gaming news. In today’s Gaming Daily, Mario has a brain, a fan-made Silent Hill was created using the Source Engine, and scores have been rolling in for the Resident Evil HD remake. What are we waiting for? Letsa go.

German researchers reveal an AI Mario that learns and adapts to player commands

If you thought the Oculus Rift was the most advanced thing you’ve seen in gaming, think again. German researchers from the University of Tubingen have taken our beloved Mario and given him a brain. In the video above, they demonstrate how giving verbal commands to the popular plumber via Carnegie Mellon’s Sphinx speech recognition tech, changes the way Mario adapts and learns about his environment.

For example, if you were to tell Mario that he’s capable of annihilating enemies by bopping them on the head, he retains that information and is able to regurgitate it later when asked, and will even do it on his own. Even if you don’t tell him what’ll happen if he jumps on a goomba, he eventually learns the outcome on his own.

The team goes even further and reveals that Mario is governed by his own emotions. If he’s hungry, he’ll eat more coins and if he’s feeling a bit curious, he will explore the surrounding area and learn about items and enemies.

[HT: The Guardian]

Creepy fan-made Silent Hill game released on Steam

If you’re looking for something to pass the time while you’re waiting for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s next entry in the Silent Hill franchise, this fan-made game may be for you. Silent Hill: Alchemilla, which was built on Valve’s Source Engine, was released yesterday and has already garnered a lot of attention around the web.

The mod creators explain that Alchemilla is in no way a remake of any of the Silent Hill titles, but an attempt to build the atmosphere of the franchise on the Source Engine. It is described as an adventure game in the Silent Hill Universe with no monsters, guns or melee to deal with. The majority of the gameplay consists of exploration and puzzles.

The dev continued, “In our game you will not find inventory system or notes system—there are no people who could do that on Source engine (people start to hate it cause it’s outdated). So just sit tight, take pen and notebook and play as hardcore gamer, make notes yourself, draw your maps yourself.”

[HT: Kotaku, Steam]

resident evil remastered

Resident Evil HD Remake reviews are out. 

If you were questioning whether or not Resident Evil needed another remake, fear not. Scores have been showing up all over the web for Capcom’s popular title and they are looking good. While there are several issues that still plague the game, the general consensus seems to be  that the release is worth your time on modern consoles.

Check out what people have been saying about the Remaster:

GameSpot: 7/10

IGN: 8/10

PushSquare: 8/10

Metro: 8/10


That’s it for today everybody! Keep Nerdist tabbed for all of your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features.

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