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Gaming Daily: Check out Remedy’s ALAN WAKE 2 Pitch Video from 2010

After a whirlwind of a weekend, we were hit with the Heroes of the Storm release date and a knarly Star Wars: Battlefront Dev diary earlier this morning. Luckily, that wasn’t all that emerged online in gaming on this awesome Monday. In today’s Gaming Daily, Sam Lake speaks out about a potential Alan Wake 2 and releases their pitch video from back in 2010, Life is Strange episode 3 is coming next month, and the Disney Infinity 3.0 lineup is rumored to have leaked.


An Alan Wake 2 Prototype video you might want to catch.

It’s been about five years since Remedy released the Microsoft exclusive Alan Wake, and people are still wondering why a sequel hasn’t happened yet, especially after the franchise’s sales reached over 4.5 million. If you remember, back in 2014, series creative direct Sam Lake noted, “After the first game, we worked hard to make the sequel happen. But you know these games are huge undertakings and many things need to fall in place.” He admitted that at the time, they lacked the backing to make the game a reality.

While the game is still sitting in limbo “until the time is right”, Polygon got their hands on a 13 minute pitch video for Alan Wake 2. Lake describes it as “more of a mood piece” which offers “high-level thematic elements” of what the game could potentially contain. Bear in mind, the video dates back to 2010, so it is a representation of what the sequel would look like five years ago.

As for publisher, it sounds like the developer may be looking outside of Microsoft. Lake notes, Among other things, we are discussing the possibility of an Alan Wake sequel with multiple partners, but nothing has been decided”. He also offered up the idea of another game in the Quantum Break franchise as another possibility for their next project. Whatever the case, it sounds like we won’t know until Quantum Break releases next year. Since both series were reportedly designed from the beginning to allow sequels, it will be interesting to see what they do next.

HT: Polygon


Life is Strange Episode 3 coming in May.

Although we didn’t recap episode 2, we’ll tell you right here, right now, that we’ve been looking forward to the next episode since we put the controller down after Out of Time’s climactic ending. Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long as developer DONTNOD has revealed via Twitter that the next entry in the Rachel Amber mystery is due out next month.

While the dialogue is still a bit off, and some of the puzzles are beyond annoying (we’re looking at you Bottle Hunt), there’s something about the series that is just so right. So far, they’ve touched on some interesting topics. We’ve already seen some of Max’s trivial decisions snowball into much larger consequences. It will definitely be interesting to see what ends up happening in Chaos Theory. 

DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 characters 04202015

Mickey, Minnie, Olaf and Mulan rumored to be on their way to Disney Infinity 3.0

Fans of Frozen as well as the Disney Infinity series will definitely appreciate this one. According to a listing on a Chinese website (see above), characters like the warm hug loving Olaf, characters from the upcoming Pixar flick Inside Out, Mickey and more will be headed to Disney Infinity 3.0 

While Disney is remaining tight-lipped on the subject, Infinity Inquirer, who originally posted the rumor earlier today, was contacted by Disney Interactive to take down their post. While some are skeptical of the lineup, especially since there is a grand total of five characters from the same film, the fact that the mega company had the article pulled seems like a pretty good confirmation of the news. We’re sure that Olaf, in particular, would be a hot commodity if this is indeed released.

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features!

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