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GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Premiere Images – What They Show (And Don’t Show)

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Premiere Images – What They Show (And Don’t Show)

What is dead may never die, which is good because waiting for the season six premiere of Game of Thrones this Sunday is killing us. We have roughly an infinite number of questions we want (NEED!) answered, and with the show truly surpassing George RR Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire novels in the story, show watchers and book readers all in the same boat together–and that boat is moving too damn slow.

HBO must sense that we are about to burst from anticipation because today they released nine new images from Sunday night’s premiere to help tide us over. We have the full gallery below, but we also have some observations about what we might be able to learn from these photos, and also what we might learn from what we don’t see.

  • We’ve seen footage of Sansa and Theon fleeing from Winterfell and the Boltons, and it’s clear we will be joining them in this episode not long after they jumped for their freedom at the end of last season’s finale.
  • They better flee too, because we don’t want to know what a sad Ramsay Bolton could be capable of. The photo of him sitting bedside at Myranda’s corpse isn’t touching, it is absolutely chilling. When someone that is always bloodthirsty has an actual reason to want revenge…holy crap.
  • We don’t know how much time will have passed exactly between the season five finale and Sunday night’s episode though, because while Sansa and Theon can’t survive for that long in the deep snows of the North, Cersei‘s hair has grown back enough to let us know time has passed in King’s Landing, where her daughter’s body is returning home with Jamie.
  • Speaking of the Martells, we’ll also be heading down to Dorne, where we can only imagine Ellaria Sand will have to answer for killing poor Myrcella. However, could this be when Doran Martell finally lets the rest of his family know that he is not nearly as passive as he lets himself seem? Snakes do work best in the secrecy of tall grass…
  • We’ll be leaving Westeros this Sunday night too. Once to go to Braavos, where we see a still blind Arya in service to the House of Black and White. Without much to go on here we’ll just say the Waif, who has never been a big fan of the young Stark, looks to be stretching the way someone does before physical activity. Could this be a rough and tumble training session about to get underway?
  • We’re also heading back to join up with the world’s most famous captive, the Mother of Dragons, as we see Daenerys is at the mercy of a powerful Khal (Khal Moro). The Dothraki hoard she is with is also massive, and quite impressive. You know, the original plan, the whole reason she became a Khaleesi, was so that a Targaryen claimant to the Iron Throne could return across the Narrow Sea with a Dothraki army at its back. Last time she had an annoying brother, this time she has dragons. Could this not be a problem but an opportunity for Daenerys?
  • Who and what don’t we see? Any images from Castle Black, of Jon Snow‘s body, of Melisandre or Ser Davos. That’s interesting on its own, but especially since the damn episode is titled “The Red Woman.” I don’t see any red women in these photos!

Nine pictures covering a ton of characters and locations, and somehow the stuff they aren’t showing us is the most interesting! Damn you, HBO! Damn you having to wait til Sunday! Damn you time as something we can’t travel through freely as we’d like!

Okay, what do you think of these images? Tell us in the comments below.

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Images: HBO



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