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“Game of Thrones” Gets the Slow Clap Treatment


If you saw Game of Thrones on Sunday, you saw — mild not-really-much-of-a-SPOILER — Daenerys trying to rally the Unsullied slaves and getting a slow thump of swords on the ground as approval. This was not dissimilar to the slow clap, so the folks at New York Magazine’s Vulture edited the segment together with some familiar slow claps from movies and television. Because Game of Thrones and Hoosiers are like two sides of the same coin.

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  1. Ray says:

    OP doesn’t know the difference between swords and spears.

  2. Xeroz says:

    If you had picked up the books (1-3) ten years ago (like I did), you’d have even more spoilers…
    Not to mention the added frustration of having to wait for years and then some just to have Mr. GRRM say “There’s going to be 2 more books in the series, and oh yea, they won’t come out for the next 2-3 years.”
    Not that I’m not used to waiting on a particular book to come out from time to time (also grabbed the ‘Sword of Truth’ series way back when) but I sure do wish that d*mn (good, btw) show would hurry up and get to the good part.
    You know… the part where… oh wait, you’ll just have to read the books for yourself.
    (No spoilers here)
    But, believe it or not, it gets even more f**kin awesome, with more plot twists than you can shake a stick at.
    Oh yeah, that’s right about the time the latest book trails off…

    Do like I did if you ever get a hankerin for a good sci-fi/fantasy book. Read some of the, late / but always great, Anne McCaffrey’s works. I still can’t believe nobody’s made any of her “Brain & Brawn Ship” or “Freedom” series into movies yet. Or hell, even a stand-alone one like ‘Nimisha’s Ship’ would be pretty amazing. (at least in my imagination they would, if done right)

    Anyway, what was the question again… Oh yeah, go read the books if you really want a spoiler. But, be prepared to wait at least another year or so for the next book to come out… and then another couple of years (if we’re lucky) for the final book.

    In closing, “Spoilers… Don’t make me laugh”

  3. Trumppoll says:

    I think there was a scene from Jersey Girl in there, I love that movie!

  4. Brick Tamland says:


  5. boB says:

    I AM INDIFFERENT TO THIS ARGUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. crying baby says:

    Why doesn’t all of your free content meet my personal standards?


  7. Pablo Crews says:

    why is this anywhere near the main page?

    there was so little effort in this video; it’s all reference-based humor, and even if you get the references there’s still nothing funny about it.

    come on nerdist, you can do better than linking this

  8. Quest says:


  9. Batfreak says:

    That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.