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GAME OF THRONES “First of His Name” Preview Leaves Us with So Many Questions

We have so many questions after watching this preview for Game of Thrones‘ upcoming episode, “First of His Name.” Like, so many. Will Dany be heading to King’s Landing at last? Does she really think she’s ready for that? Who’s the architect that designed those sweet Meereen interiors and can he come Westeros way? Must Mormont always look so “Unhappy Housewife” all the time? Is Tommen really going to be crowned king so soon after Joffrey’s death? Can we hope to see a major Margaery versus Cersei manipulation-off? Lysa is right: why does Littlefinger care so much for Sansa?

Furthermore, why is Littlefinger so creepy? Can we get more of his upbringing backstory? (I’m always fascinated by the creeps — aren’t you?) Arya seriously doesn’t think her little Needle would cause the Hound any harm, does she? Will Hodor ever get out of captivity? Whoa, what did the mutineers give Jojen to finally make him look like he wasn’t near-death? And, oh, gosh, Will Jon Snow meet up with Bran at Craster’s Keep like we hope? But most importantly: why in the heck aren’t there more clips of the alleged — sigh, must we always preface everything with “Spoiler!“? — Night’s King in this video, eh?

What questions do you have after the latest teaser? Let us hear it in the comments.

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  1. Bárbara says:

    Read the books and you will find the answer to all these questions!

  2. Mary Kaye says:

    Why does everyone think that guy was the Night’s King? He could be anybody in that group – there was absolutely nothing that indicated he was a king.

  3. Please! Is there any way to bring the King of my Heart back from the dead? Any witchcraft available? King Joffrey come backkkkk… 😀

  4. rita wozniak says:

    THEY ALWAYS CROWN A NEW KING RIGHT AWAY.. who is to lead the country if they dont.. LITTLE FINGER was in LOVE WITH KATE. Sansa’s mother.. if he couldnt have the momma he can have the daughter…

  5. irishbrat1966 says:

    Not to seem picky wight rapper but perhaps you could take your own advice about grammar and sentence structure. Or are you simply allergic to capitalization and punctuation?

  6. wight rapper says:

    have u ever heard of PROOF READING? my god there’s like 10 typo/grammar/spelling mistakes just within those 2 short paragraphs.

    and who the fuck cares about the the meerreen interiors?

    and does everything have to be in question form?

    and how did you get a paying job with all you blatant incompetence?

    i would post a string of about 16 more questions in order to drive home how annoying it is as a reader to read your verbal bile, but i hope i have proven my point, by now.

  7. MidniteStar says:

    Read the firkin books, for God sakes, then you will no the answers. Plus, Lysa is perfect but Cersi I would of picked someone more beautiful, in the book Cersi was quite beautiful and though older still is.

  8. Doohinkey says:

    I’ve read all the books and know what’s going on to a point. Even the last book doesn’t finish the story, just gives more questions. I’m hoping he writes quickly to finish the next books before either he or I kick off….lol. I heard he’s told the rest to some writers and the movie directors in the event he does kick off, at least the story can be completed. Intelligent man.

  9. Man-Bat says:

    “Turn down the giddy girliness” — She’s allowed to be excited. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. No need to be a jerk.

  10. Ezra says:

    Also, keep in mind that the tv show is quickly beginning to pass into territory that even the book readers haven’t encountered before. It’s very possible that–given WoW is coming out this year–the show might begin to use material from that book.

  11. Mundo says:

    Its not about knowing what happens in the story its about whats happening next week. Like you dont go I wonder what happens in the next chapter?! Congratulations, you can read.

  12. SiskasEviltwin says:

    Turn it down?? thanx but nope;i enjoy my GOT with some girly giddiness/ and cheerleader style enthusiasm. As for picking up the books..Most of us did (that’s why HBO made it a series I would assume) but evidently all the new gossip is to be found in the series these days; so go take a long stroll off a a short king’s landing pier!>:P

  13. Aidan says:

    Why wouldn’t Tommen be crowned quickly?

  14. DrFarter says:

    Another round of shots!

  15. That1guy says:

    Turn Down For What?!

  16. Nope says:

    Christ, turn down the giddy girliness down to 10 and maybe pick up a book.