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GAME OF THRONES Finale Photos are Just as Good as The Episode Itself

GAME OF THRONES Finale Photos are Just as Good as The Episode Itself

We hate that we have to start every single post this way, but the petulant spoilerbabies of the Internet require it, so: HEY GUYS, guess what? This post is going to be ground-effing-zero for spoilers on Game of Thrones. From the finale! So if you are not in any way, shape, or form ready for that, please click the “back” button on your browser tout de suite. Thanks.

So. Last night’s season four finale of Game of Thrones was downright epic. Yeah, sure, we’re prone to hyperbole of that nature on the regular (Can you blame us? Television is MAGIC, you guys) but we really, really mean it. And we think you all probably agree.

Now, plenty of you out there may be able to spend hours of your day rewatching the episode and reliving its glory, but for some of us with jobs (womp womp) that’s not really an option. So we’ve brought you the next best thing to obsess over: a veritable smorgasbord of photos from the finale. Look at all that detail! Check out those crazy wights! Man oh man — this is better than Christmas and Mardi Gras combined (OK maybe that was overselling it a bit)!

But there is a LOT to see: Brienne of Tarth and The Hound’s deadly fight, the Three-Eyed Raven in all his rooted glory, Arya Stark’s brand new adventure, and yes: Tywin Lannister dying on the poop machine. So, y’know, just another day in Westeros.

Which one’s your new desktop background? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. webDev01 says:

    for real about the slidershow, get BXslider. Super easy.

  2. Shawn says:

    I love these photo collection posts, but we need some sort of slideshow functionality here, guys.

  3. Ryan Megan says:

    FOR THE LVOE OF 2014!!!!!

    Please update your site so you can actually scroll through the pictures posted on an article and not have to click on each one and then click back and then click another and then click back and then click another and then click back and son and so on.
    This is an embarrassing oversight for a “hip nerd” site. to not have a basic function like this.

    • Ravi says:

      They do it to increase ad impressions…its done by design

      • Holly says:

        Sure, but that does no good if we quit clicking on images after the second one. By that time I’m over it and I’ll just view them somewhere else.

    • Mina says:

      Install the Hover Zoom extension for Chrome… never click on a thumbnail again.

  4. Holly says:

    Is there a reason the pictures on this site are always formatted in a “open in the same window/tab” kind of way? instead of a slide show style viewer? I know its a super nit-picky thing but it makes the UI really clunky…just wondering

    • David Linde says:

      I think the same thing everytime!
      Nerdist pleez getz slidez…y u haz??

      • Holly says:

        its a WP site. There are plugins that make slideshow viewing super simple…no reason I can think of not to do it. It doesn’t help your stats at all having your viewers click “back” every time…

    • adsb says:

      I have said the same thing also, PLEASE FIX THIS!

    • Virginia says:

      I agree! It is so frustrating! Every time I see them make a gallery post on FB, I usually ignore it because of this very problem. If Nerdist wants more traffic to the site, they should definitely fix this gallery issue.

    • Definitely true, Holly. This is my first (and last) time trying to view photos on this site. For bob’s sake, please get some kind of slideshow up in this bee! 

  5. David Unger says:

    So, to celebrate the finale of the season, we made this epic Game of Thrones opera: