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GAME OF THRONES’ Deaths are Kind of Adorable as 8-bit GIFs

How adorable would an ’80s Game of Thrones Nintendo video game have been? Outside of being way fun, that is. And the bonus levels alone would’ve made it worth it (so much warging). Those longing for a visualization of such a throwback/mash-up need look no further than this very post, as the George R.R. Martin series-turned-HBO-series has gotten the pixelated 8-bit treatment thanks to the inventive minds over at BuzzFeed.

In preparation for the show’s fourth season return on April 6th, 14 8-bit GIFs were created featuring the more brutal and iconic deaths of the series thus far (so spoilers, kids). And while there are plenty of good ones over on their site — Samwell vs. the White Walker, the battle of Kings Landing, the Hand’s tournament — we’ve picked out our favorites for you, below.

Bronn Goes to Battle on Behalf of Tyrion

Even in 8-bit that Moon Door looks terrifying, doesn’t it?

The White Walker Beheading

What a way to start a series.

Renly Gets Murdered By Melisandre’s Vagina Shadow Monster

Nope: still terrifying.

Jon Snow Saves the Lord Commander

That’ll teach him from ever inviting a Wight inside.

Kraznys Gets Roasted

Dragons are not slaves, y’all.

The Battle of Blackwater

Wildfire’s never looked so retro!

Viserys Gets His Crown

This is the ultimate “be careful what you wish for.”

And, Of Course, The Red Wedding

Just because we like to punch you right in the feels.

What do you think of these adorably gruesome GIFs? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ish says:

    This is awesome, thanks for the hard work! Wish they would make modern games with these graphics. I miss the good ol days!

  2. Ylim says:

    Where’s the Lord Eddard Stark execution??

  3. The Internet says:

    Haters gonna make some tiresome points.

  4. Jack says:

    Cute, but honestly I cannot wait until this series is done. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this over hyped since Lord of the Rings, but at least those movies were actually worthy of it.

  5. Josh Groban says:

    This isn’t 8-Bit. This is shitty Flash animation made with rectangles. If it was true 8-Bit, the swords and stuff wouldn’t stay straight lines like that when they moved. And actually, there wouldn’t be smooth movement (especially not rotation) like that at all; it would be frame-by-frame.