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Will Arya’s Long-Lost Friend Return to GAME OF THRONES This Season?

Poor Arya Stark. She’s lost friends and family members from the very beginning on Game of Thrones. And all that tragedy went a long way towards making Arya into the killer she is today. While the youngest living Stark didn’t go full Faceless Man last season, she’s probably going to offer up more victims to the Many-Faced God in the final two seasons (if she lives). But there is hope ahead that Arya may finally be reunited with someone for the first time years that’ll help her stay alive. Today’s Nerdist News is sending a raven with the details!

Naturally, there are potential spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones season 7. You could stop reading now and wait for the show to spring a surprise on you. Or you can discover the possibilities. It’s on you, really.

Arya Game of Thrones Season 7

Assuming you’re still here, then it’s time to join host and Hot Pie’s favorite customer, Jessica Chobot, as she shares the first word on who might be making a return. Will it be Arya’s former dancing master Syrio Forel? Or is it her good friend, Gendry? We think his arms have probably fallen off from all of that rowing.

As much as we’d like to see them both again, a report from Time Magazine—the same one that hinted at a major Northern movement we wrote about earlier today—hints that a direwolf may be making a comeback. That’s right—Nymeria may be on her way back to the Starks! (You may recall Arya had to drive Nymeria away to save her life after she was set to be put down for attacking Joffrey—totally justified, btw.) A nice bonus, given that Ghost appears very rarely on the show and the rest of the pack are dead.


In the novels, Arya has had dreams or visions that suggest that she’s still connected to Nymeria, who went on to have pups and formed a new pack of direwolves. It may even mean that Arya has the latent ability to warg into animals as well. If Nymeria really has returned, then perhaps we’ll finally see this side of Arya onscreen.

Which direwolf do you think is making a comeback? Howl at the moon and share your thoughts below!

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