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GAME OF THRONES Art Gets the Gallery Treatment

By the looks of the latest exhibition at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, winter is coming to our wallets, because I’ll be damned if the art featured in their recently premiered Game of Thrones exhibit isn’t some of the coolest and covet-worthy around. The group show — titled Winter is Coming — hosted by none other than the author himself, George R.R. Martin, features an impressive cache of A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired art. By the looks of some of these pieces, more than a few of you will likely consider purchasing more than a few of these for the walls of your own keeps.

The show features a bevy of artists — including one of our favorites, Nan Lawson — all showcasing original artwork inspired by Martin’s epic fantasy novels. The show opened on March 1st and is set to run through Sunday, March 23rd, which means any Seattle-adjacent GoT fans can make their way to the gallery and view the art in person. Many of the prints and originals are also up for sale on the Ltd. website. The inventiveness and craftsmanship is truly astounding; check out some of our favorites below, but be sure to check out the rest of the show online: it’s worth it.

“Castle Black” by Marco Cardonna

“The Laughing Tree” by Emiliz Tlibas

“Jon Snow” by Donato Giancola

“Sword of the Morning” by Kali Ciesemier

“The Princess and The Hand” by Damon O’Keefe

“Daughter of the Kraken” by Cody Vrosh

“Dragon Mother” by Rhodora Jacob

“Daenerys” by Craig Drake

“The Reeds” by Nan Lawson

Which artists created your favorite piece? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Carly Hudson says:

    The figures by Mick Minogue are bad ass and so sad! I don’t know what’s better, poor Rob or poor dead Ned!

  2. calluna says:

    I am admittedly biased since I know the artist but my favorite is found on the LTD website.

    “This Will Mean Blood in the Gutters” by Sam Wood. Huge, gorgeous panorama of when Tyrion, Bronn, and Pod meet the Martells.