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G4 Picks Up "Web Soup"

This is fantastic news for me because I am hosting and writing on it. I’d like to slobber on G4 by saying that the pilot was BEYOND fun and I’m looking forward to doing the show regularly. “Web Soup” is produced by the “The Soup” producers, so it’s more of a spin-off than a rip-off. I guest-hosted “Talk Soup” in the early 00s before Aisha took over and have always loved the format. People have asked me on Twitter if I’m going to do a Joel McHale impersonation. I reply that I’ve had pretty much the same TV voice since ’94 when I started at MTV but if that seems Joel-like then there are far worse people to be compared to cuz that guy has GOT THE GOODS. (As a side note, Joel’s considerably taller, making the impersonation that much more difficult. I’d put him at about 8’1″.)

I can’t wait to present web videos and vagina jokes to you every Sunday night starting June 7th on G4! Soon I will post an email address for you to submit vids. ALSO, I would like you to come to tapings if you’re going to be in LA on Friday afternoons so you can use this as-yet-undefined email for that as well.


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  1. Jnet says:

    I hope you’re not sick of people asking Singled Out questions, but I was wondering after all those shows that you’ve done has there been any success stories?

  2. and the link in my first one dont work, dangit.

  3. i love ” web soup” it is hilarious, magic missle, magic missle, ahh im outta mana,

  4. Hugh Brooks says:

    Now that I’m done ranting about ATT: Great job on your new show. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hugh Brooks says:

    iPhone pre-order buyers beware: If you buy the $500 phone as a pre-order, don’t believe the att web site when it says “your card will not be charged until item is shipped.” I ordered last night, expecting to see the charge on my card when the phone ships on June 17 earliest. Instead, they placed an authorization hold for the charge on my card immediately, and that will remain in place until the phone ships. ATT argues it’s “just an authorization.” Your wallet will argue back; that $500 is gone today, you can’t use the held funds and they ain’t coming back. If you try to cancel the order, they’ll tell you it’s too late — the deal is done. DON’T PRE-ORDER UNLESS YOU’RE READY TO PART WITH YOUR $500 TODAY.

  6. i am going to watch it all the time.

  7. Soul Bro Ryu says:

    Web Soup, son! I’m enjoy all the soup series (Talk, The, Sports and even The Dish) and to hear G4 is finally getting one is perfect. I saw the news on this Friday’s Soup and thought that you’d make the best host for it, so you can only guess how dope it was to see that I guessed right.

    Congrats on the new series and I hope it last as long as the original series!

    Soul Bro Ryu

  8. Ella says:

    Yay! Excited!
    It’s like The Soup or Sports Soup, but for nerds!

  9. Alan says:

    Good luck Chris, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to host such a show. It about time G4 gave you an upgrade to your own show. Thanks for adding humor into the mix when doing the LOST panel at Melt, I’d have said hello but you seemed very busy.

  10. shawn says:


  11. I’m not going to pimp myself for a job, simply because I have a hard enough time writing a simple description of my widely popular weekly podcast, let alone a cool ass show on G4. However I will tell you that I will be adding your Sunday night show to my lengthy list of DVR recordings.

    Count me as a fan before it even airs. If anyone is interested in a very vulgar and disgusting comic book podcast, check my weekly show out and see what you are supposed to avoid in podcasting online. We need the listeners and this week we talk in detail about the new Star Trek movie, which was awesome. Just click on my little icon and see what I am talking about.

    Okay enough pimping of myself and my show, I hope you have all the success you deserve, which is my opinion is a whole hell of a lot. Thanks for the great website and I might see you in Minneapolis at the Acme Comedy club on June 16th.


  12. Deltus says:

    I want to be your Ed McMahon!!! You can even throw shit at me, like right at my head, and all I’ll do is laugh. While applying compression bandages.


    Srsly, though, awesomeness!

  13. Not the best place to post a resume…

  14. kerry says:

    yay! that’s rad!

  15. What a great idea and I can’t think of anyone who would fill the role better. Congratulations!

    I will be sending notable youtube videos to you over the next few months whether you like it or not.

  16. barb says:

    Hey, I’d loved to be involved too. I’ve got skills and experience. They have nothing to do with gadgets, technology, or most things people are interested in. But I did just figure out how to assemble a plywood do-it-yourslef book shelf- which confirmed I have rockin construction skills. Oh, and I am really funny . You should see the 4 year olds pee their pants. After they get cleaned up I usually tell a little joke to take our minds off that pathetic disgusting experience. I don’t think having me as your side-kick would be fair for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been referred to as homely. Which, on a side note, was such a brilliant way to simplify the term domestic goddess!
    Anyhow, now you have my fantastic resume, just be in touch when you figure out my new position. 😉 (yes, that’s me flirting…hope that helps too.)
    And Smitty- no offense meant. Hope you’re not worried now that you have a little competition. 🙂 That’s not flirting, that’s me fake smiling.

  17. marm says:


  18. Smitty says:

    Hey Chris!
    Just heard the news about the show and wanted to say congrats and see if there’s any chance you might have any use for a guy like me.
    I’ve been writing in L.A. for twelve years, doing all manner of offbeat editorial and comedy. I started off as Hustler magazine’s humor editor and it’s just gotten stranger from there. In the past decade I’ve been a web producer/writer for, a writer for E! Entertainment, lead editorial for, BlankTV and LOAD Media. I’ve freelanced for Madonna’s fan club, National Lampoon, Adult Video News, Maximum Rocknroll and was a featured columnist for punk mag Big Wheel before it went tits up last year.
    I recently optioned my first comedy screenplay, a semi-fictional account of the founding of, the Net’s biggest punk and indie music video channel. While the script is mainly fiction, the site is a terrifying reality.
    In just two years since moving to a YouTube platform, we’re currently poised to show our 100 millionth music video, sometime in the next two weeks. Not bad for a couple of assholes operating off a couch with some laptops out of a shitty Hollywood apartment. 
    I have a great ear for dialogue and I thrive on deadlines and writing offbeat/edgy comedy.
    I’m looking for any sort of opportunity to get my foot in the door in a creative position again, after a detour into the dark realm of New Media content management.
    I know this is an inelegant way to pitch myself for a job, but these are sorely inelegant times.
    Anyhow, congratulations and best of luck with the new gig. We’d also love to see some Hard ‘N Phirm videos on BlankTV, if you have any interest.
    Hope all’s well!

  19. shawn says:

    That’s great, congratulations. I can’t wait to watch the new show. Bring forth the vagina humor!

  20. Johnny Hugel says:

    Congrats on the new gig. It sounds like you’ve got your hands in a lot of metaphorical “pies”. For all I know you’ve literally have your hands in a lot of pies. Keep it up.

  21. barb says:

    So happy for you Chris! I became acquainted with you through Twitter- and now I’m sort of addicted to all things Nerdist. (Nerdicted?) Anyhow…have fun with the new show- looking forward to seeing how you you mix up the Soup.