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Full-Length “Torchwood: Miracle Day” Trailer

Hi folks!

This came out last week, but I, like a fool, neglected to post it. Here we finally have a proper trailer for this summer’s Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I don’t know about you, but I think this looks super badass. It looks like it continues the way “Children of Earth” went, which is basically a sci-fi 24. It’ll definitely be a good post-and-pre-Doctor Who show.

-Kanderson OUT!

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  1. latisha says:

    does anyone know if it will be online if not on itunes? and how long will we have to wait if either happens??? and when season 6 part 2 of doctor who coming back???
    please please tell me if you know!!!

  2. James Flynn says:

    Anyone else notice the “cut off the head” reference? Could this be the beginning of the(possible) conversion from Capt. Jack to the Face of Boe?

  3. Dawn says:

    I hope iTunes offers this, or I’m lost.

  4. Sara says:

    Okay, that was awesome! It looks a lot better than Children of Earth.

  5. Brand G says:

    Gwen Cooper super trooper!

  6. jgodsey says:

    is it me or does it look Eve Myles had her overbite fixed?

  7. Jazza says:

    Lee, has the trailer, which is viewable outside of the US šŸ™‚

  8. Staci says:

    Can’t wait!
    This looks so badass, I might get over my depression from Children of Earth.

  9. Gabriel says:

    I just finished Children of Earth last night. What a sad movie. I was worried about going to sleep for fear of the nightmares that it would bring.
    This reminds me of the Sandman story where the dead came back to life.
    I hope this makes it to Netflix very quickly. And I really hope this isn’t too American. I worry about the Fox version of Dr. Who with Roberts as The Master.

  10. Sean says:

    @Art “I wonder if Miracle Day will be available for rent on iTunes. Iā€™m currently depending on iTunes for Doctor Who”

    My thoughts too, I had Starz but had to drop it because my new cable provider is to expensive.

  11. Art says:

    Dear RTD:

    1) Thank you for bringing back Doctor Who and 2) Thank you even more for Eve Myles

    I wonder if Miracle Day will be available for rent on iTunes. I’m currently depending on iTunes for Doctor Who

  12. Eli says:

    a. God love Gwen Cooper!
    b. I wish I could talk myself into cable. Since that won’t happen, I hope the DVD is released quickly.

  13. Cat says:

    Hot damn! That looks so much better than Children Of Earth!

  14. Wesley Marshall says:

    Excited for this!! I really hope Captain Jack shows up in either this series of Doctor Who or series 7. I want to see Smith and Barrowman work together I think it would be funny.

  15. Kyo Kaulitz says:

    lol. Gwen being badass while holding her baby. But it looked epic

  16. Jackfan12 says:

    Holy #&!* that looks amazing!

  17. Lee says:

    why would they not make a torchwood trailer available to watch in the UK???!!?!?!?

  18. Chad H says:

    looks like it will be good, has a “movie” feel to it.

  19. Isaac L says:

    Woohoo!!!! I’m so excited!

  20. Angela Glaros says:

    I cannot wait for this. I have prepared by watching every single Dr. Who and Torchwood episode from 2005-the present. It appears I’ve found my nerd thing.

    Big ups to you on your Nerdist empire!

    –A Whovian anthropologist from the Tom Baker years