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From The “Always Sunny” Bureau

Okay, there’s a bunch of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia news, and there were multiple posts about it, so I combined ’em, with thanks to Ted Bauer for his contributions. Here we go:

First, there are these:


Yes, they’re selling Always Sunny talking bobbleheads. They vary in accuracy — Dee’s close, Frank is a standard Danny De Vito caricature, the others might be a little further from reality (and the Mac version doesn’t reflect Rob McIlhenney’s weight gain this season), but they do speak, including Charlie saying, “Hey, guys, if I’m peeing, wake me up.”

FX is selling them here, if you’re in the market.

Then, we can send congratulations to Charlie Day and his wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis (The Waitress) on the news that they’re expecting their first child in December. And hot on the heels of that news, Glenn Howerton announced that he and his wife Jill Latiano are also expecting THEIR first child later this year. And with David Hornsby — Rickety Cricket, and soon to star in How to Be a Gentleman on CBS — and his wife Emily Deschanel also expecting in the Fall, and Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney having their kid 10 months ago, it’s like a Paddy’s Pub baby boom.

And, finally, there was this, at Comic-Con:

Incidentally, the new season starts September 15th.

HT: WCAU-TV (NBC10)/Philadelphia

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  1. Jim Simonetti says:

    The Charlie one is the best. Big C should have Charlie on the podcast. BIG C!!!!!!!!!!!!