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FREE MONEY!!! aka, Best. Celebrity. Pic. EVER.

Yes, I have SxSW to thank for yet another nugget of awesomeness this past week: my encounter with Matthew Lesko.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule running around in front of government buildings to take this photo with me, Mr. Lesko!!!

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  2. So, is Lesko tall or is Chris shorter than I thought?

  3. Tommy says:

    Lesko hangs out at the same coffee shop I do. He has like 30 different question mark suits.

  4. kt says:

    he gives me second-hand embarrassment, which is something I will never be a fan of, as I do not enjoy feeling uncomfortable. and it’s a infomercial that is waaaaay past its prime. hell, I haven’t heard him yell at me in a few years.

    I respect the photo-op though, I’d definitely do the same. It’s a minor version of nostalgia.

  5. Bocephus says:

    Dude… as a close personal friend of his you really need to get craig ferguson off the meth. He looks terrible!

  6. Lucy says:

    Excellent! I totally want to see his closet…

  7. Jeprox says:

    Chris Nolan is using them Inception tricks to promote the next Dark Knight movie.

  8. Artie says:

    One day I happened to walk into a Starbucks where Mr. Lesko was sitting with (I presume?) his wife, reading the paper. Wearing an orange-with-brown-?s Riddler suit. Now, he wasn’t in town for anything official, nor would he have been here in Middle-of-nowhere, PA, but yeah, that’s totally his day-to-day ensemble. I didn’t get a photo, because he was off-duty, so to speak.

    The coolest part was that he had, in the parking lot, an orange Scion Breadbox with brown ? decals TO MATCH HIS OUTFIT. I imagine he’s got an entire fleet of them back at his lair, and never goes out except in whatever day’s colour scheme he’s selected. Or better yet, when he’s doing a cross-country tour, his minion chauffeurs follow him wherever he’s bound, but they all meet up at a motel in the next county to run the world’s creepiest Chinese fire drill so that he doesn’t have to wear the same outfit for a fortnight on end.

  9. Jo says:

    I told Doug Benson ?ML? was cast as Mr. Roarke in “Final Fantasy Island”

  10. Candice says:

    I saw him on the train here in Chicago once, trying to read the map, looking confused. And wearing a question mark suit. So completely bizarre. I guess he dresses that way ALL the time.

  11. Anthony says:


  12. Lokey says:

    Helluva resemblance there…I think YOU might be on of those question marks, Mr Hardwick. Holy shit, Celebrity Maury Povich!! “Matthew Lesko….you ARE the father!!!”

  13. m says:

    Grampa hardwick??

    Did you ask him who irons on all those question mark patches onto all of his suits? This is the most pressing question my mind needs an answer to.

  14. sssss_BOOM! says:

    I think it is time for you to have that ‘seriously, was I or was I not adopted?’ conversation with your parents. You two look like relation.

  15. Don says:

    Is this your Dream Lord?

  16. Anthony Groen says:

    ah!! I saw Doug benson’s photo of him also! I had no idea he was still alive. so amazing, I love he still wears the suit.

  17. Andrea says:

    Is that what you’re going to look like when you get older? I sure hope so.

  18. Mack says:

    @ John + 1

  19. Ainslee Lara says:

    All kinds of AWESOME. I’ve found my next Halloween costume!

  20. Chris Hardwick says:

    Shit! Is that what “free money” means, John??? DAMMIT.

  21. Jr says:

    Oh no! The Riddler’s got Chris! What are we gonna do!?!

  22. Chad H says:

    Yup, hands down, the champion.

  23. Jaron says:

    John Lewis wins this comment thread.

  24. John Lewis says:

    Dude. I think he has your wallet.