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Freddie Wong and Rocket Jump Have Something To Tell You

There’s been a lot of crazy news surrounding the Freddie Wong co-created video production company and Nerdist office neighbors, Rocket Jump, in the last couple months, the most notable involving a development deal between the company and Hollywood studio Lionsgate. But now, as the company heads into post on the third (and final) season of their hit web-series VGHS, Mr. Wong himself has come out of the shadows to spill on the company’s future.

Look, it’s absolutely sad to hear the company will be doing away with the weekly short schedule. We can all agree there are few things the internet looks forward to more than a new Rocket Jump short just before the weekend. But, considering in exchange for the dropping of the weekly shorts we’re getting more projects like VGHS, this is a shift we think everyone will be able to live with.

Rocket Jump has come a long way since videos like this:

Whatever the gang has planned for the future, we’ll be there not because of fandom, but because they’ve set the bar for quality high. You don’t get to a billion views by making crappy content. You get to a billion views by being awesome.

Godspeed, Rocket Jump. We look forward to seeing what you bring us next… and bring back our ping pong table!

Are you excited about the latest Rocket Jump announcement? If so, tell us why and which video of the last four years is your favorite in the comments below.

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