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Fred Willard Book Signing TONIGHT! (also live podcast)

Holy cats! In addition to the Nerdist Podcast Live show at Largo tonight featuring David Koechner, Fred Willard and Tom Kenny singing Spongebob songs, all show attendees will be able to attend a very special and private book signing with Fred Willard immediately following the show. Fred’s new book is entitled “Fred Willard’s Magnificent Movie Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Movies, Actors, Facts & Firsts to the Test,” but what’s missing from that is YOUR NAME right next to his , hand-written by Mr. Willard himself. Thanks to Book Soup for making this happen!

Get tickets here or call Largo at 310.855.0350.

Special thanks to Node Warrior Hunter Boone for this snazzy graphic!

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  1. Selene says:

    yeah, i was wondering about that too, mcfeely. hey chris, would it be to much to have video podcasts for the live show?

  2. deb says:

    While the afterglow of attending the podcast is still with me, I just want to say this:

    I had a TITILLATING time!!!

  3. Hunter Boone says:

    Great meeting you at Comic Con and thanks for the shout-out too Chris 🙂

    Can’t wait for the podcast to come out as well, wish my flight left tomorrow, totally wouldve gone!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Spongebob !?!? I feel like a 5 year old lol, I’m excited.

  5. McFeely says:

    Wish I lived in California. Hey Chris ever think of doing these podcasts in video format? Just the live ones.

  6. Chris Hardwick says:

    They’ll have them at the show…

  7. Kijan says:

    Where can I buy the book before the podcast? They don’t sell it anywhere here in SD

  8. Kijan says:

    omg you just keep adding more awesomeness to this show