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I have just set this as my iPad lock screen because I want to marry it. It comes from the brilliant hands and mind of Steve Dressler, who is doing some of the best pop culture art out there, IMHO.

You can find this on Steve’s blog, El Sloganero, where you can also enjoy the Hill Valley Hover Society crest.

Pop on over to his commercial website to see Edward Scissorhands on a date, Al Sharpton’s official Race Card, and “Hello Coco,” a Conan/Sanrio mashup. You will happily lose a good chunk of time sifting through all of the phenomenal images while exclaiming excited things to yourself out loud.

As a long time fan of his work, it gives me great pleasure to award Steve Dressler the coveted (and just made up) NERDIST DESIGNER OF THE WEEK AWARD. This comes with no physical prize other than the boldface words that proclaim it.

If you need some art and you want to trade money for it, this gentleman is a good bet! You can follow him @elsloganero on the Tweets.

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  1. smartbunny says:

    Holy fucktits, I love his style! So cool. Colors are perfect.

  2. jow says:

    I totally read the post title in Louis from Left 4 Dead’s voice.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Chris. Its people like you that make the internet an awesome place. I hope it goes without saying that I, too, am a huge fan of all your endeavors past and present. Hopefully our paths will cross in the material world one day. I predict it’ll be at the UCB.

    To all the other commenters: Thanks a ton. I like you too.

  4. Xenagogue says:

    Soooooo coooool. I love it in a special way. Time to bust out the talking Pee-Wee doll! To the Pee-Wee cave!!

  5. Lukeii says:

    Of course that should have read “still awesome anyWAY”

  6. RYGAR says:

    Awesome. Just Awesome. Bucks..TON!!

  7. Lukeii says:

    That is awesome, although I have to admit to being slightly disappointed that Francis isn’t pointing his finger at the “screen”.

    Still, awesome anyone, and now I must watch that film again.

    Ahh, Tim Burton, you bring out the kid in me, and I love it