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FPV Drone-Racing Track Is Like MARIO KART’s Rainbow Road

With the ability to virtually sit in the “cockpit” of a quadcopter exceeding speeds of 50mph while screaming through obstacles and dodging competitors, FPV (first-person view) drone racing is a surprisingly thrilling dive into the danger zone. And now, thanks to increasing popularity, specialty courses like in the video above are elevating FPV drone racing to new levels of ocular appeal.

The video was posted by FPV racer and YouTuber Zachry Thayer, and it shows off what it’s like to pilot an FPV drone through a psychedelic light course at night. For those unfamiliar with the sport, competitors use cameras mounted on their drones that stream real-time video into VR-like goggles so they can pilot their crafts as if they were sitting inside of them. It’s a set-up that turns reality into a video game, or a video game into reality… it’s hard to keep track these days.

The racetrack itself was designed by FPV Lightrax, a company that aims to “create a truly unique experience that brings video game and movie elements into the sport of flying FPV.” In this case, it seems like the team may have been inspired by that most beloved, revered, and reviled “did I really fall off the side into a pit of infinite blackness again?!” track, Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.


While this is certainly an awesome mash-up of video games and real-life racing, it seems like there may still be room for innovation. Items like Bananas, Super Stars, and Thunder Bolts may be off the table, but drones could be equipped with other offensive weaponry, like disabling nets. Or maybe even something like police eagles instead of Spiny Shells.

Regardless of the addition of weaponry or eagles, it does seem like FPV drone racing lends itself toward more than just racing. There is endless room here for level design. And so many great video games to look to for inspiration…F-Zero X anyone?

You can check out some additional FPV Lightrax tracks below:

What video game or movie would you like to see FPV Lightrax use for inspiration for their next racetrack? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images: Zachry Thayer

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