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Fox Doubles Down on DC Comics with LUCIFER TV Pilot

Because ArrowThe FlashConstantineGothamSupergirlTeen Titans, and iZombie weren’t enough, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are prepping yet another property to invade your television screens: Lucifer. That’s right — the Vertigo comic which centers on the Prince of Darkness who, having grown weary of ruling over Hell, abdicates his throne in favor of the seedy streets of Los Angeles where he opens a high-end piano bar called Lux. The character, usually clad in a crisp suit, first appeared in the pages of Neil Gaiman’s seminal The Sandman before getting his own spin-off series from writer Mike Carey through DC’s Vertigo imprint. If you haven’t read it, Lucifer is a hell of a lot of fun (pun intended), and well worth sacrificing a head of cattle to summon the foul tomes from the dark forces that power Amazon’s 2-day shipping service.

As for who will be shepherding this fallen angel from concept to completion, it’s someone who knows a thing or two about writing for a character who revels in sin: Californication creator Tom Kapinos. The one-hour drama pilot has a put pilot commitment (i.e. a deal to produce a pilot that stipulates substantial monetary penalties if it doesn’t make it to air) from Fox, so it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing the debonair devil gracing our TV screens sometime next year. This announcement comes just days before Fox’s eagerly anticipated Gotham is set to make its debut on Monday, September 22, which has me thinking that Fox is exceedingly confident in its DC-inspired offerings, and is looking to double down on what is hopefully a very good thing. As ever, when it comes to tapping into the cultural zeitgeist and monetizing it, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Are you excited to see Lucifer come to TV? Who should play Lucifer? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter (@osteoferocious).

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  1. Pol says:

    Also, a tome is a book. You don’t summon tomes. You summon things using a tome, like the Necronomicon. And “hell of a lot of fun” is not a pun. It’s an idiom.

  2. Pol says:

    You can’t center around anything. Center on or revolve around; pick one. Come on, man. You’re better than that.

  3. Jason says:

    The way the character was drawn was based on David Bowie, so Bowie should play him.

  4. myowser says:

    I vote for Meth Damon bc why not? He is soo evil remember that one time he ___ that kid and then didn’t even care. 

  5. mooser says:

    wheee! here’s hoping they don’t fuck up!

  6. Rick says:

    Think there will ever be live action sandman?