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Forever Playing Hooky

Two important anniversaries took place over the weekend, and we’re not talking about Joshua Jackson turning 33 (happened on Saturday). Rather, this weekend was the 25th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, both movies with substantial significance for those who lived even part of the 1980s.

You could have a fairly lengthy bar argument about the best scene in Bueller, but this has to rank up there:

You could have the same argument about Raiders, and this would likely arise:

Now here’s a fun game — with news that Indiana Jones is coming back a fifth time (and Harrison Ford will crack the whip), we wondered: in this age of the reboot (often discussed on Nerdist), if Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was “re-booted” next year, who would play Ferris, Cam and Sloane? Who would play Principal Rooney? And of course, would Charlie Sheen still be the druggie at the end?

We kinda think Zac Efron would get the nod for Ferris, and how about Michael Cera for Cam?

Talk it up in the comments.

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  1. Jack says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of his recent work, but Zac Efron was on Firefly. He played young Simon Tam. Thus, he’s ok with me.

  2. eliza says:

    All I can think of is Anton Yelchin in Charlie Bartlett. But I’ve already seen that so I don’t know that I would get much more seeing him do Bueller.

    I don’t know. If they did remake it I hope it would a different day of hooky.

  3. Sawyer says:

    Guys, Efron isn’t necessarily a bad choice. He showed that he can carry a movie on his own in 17 Again, and he’s never done a role like Bueller, so he just might have the chops to pull it off. Just because he was in High School Musical doesn’t necessarily make him a bad actor. Remember, Ryan Gosling was in Mickey Mouse Club, and he’s one of the best right now. And, of course, for those of us old enough to remember N’Sync never thought we’d see the day when Timberlake would be considered a legitimate actor, but it’s still here.

  4. bocephus says:

    NOOOOOOO….seriously? another indiana jones?? come ON harrison stop screwing this up for us. Ferris Bueller should never ever ever be remade. Zac Efron? I felt a little piece of me die as I read that suggestion. I can’t think about who should take over the characters….but if they did do this terrible thing then sheen has gotta just play the same character except as an old drugged out lech instead of the young drugged out lech he was the first time….. Zac effron indeed. *nerd huff*

  5. John Hewitt says:

    Not sure on the rest, but for Ferris I’d pick – Chris Colfer or Alexander Gould

  6. Davey says:

    I vote Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Sloane.
    I really have no idea for Ferris, though the Gordon-Levitt idea did cross my mind as well.
    As far as Cameron goes, it’s Hollywood, so it would probably end up being Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
    And finally, my only suggestion I can give 100% to is that Steven Wright would be the best choice for Ben Stein’s character.

  7. Sawyer says:

    While I agree that a Ferris Bueller remake would be sacrilege, I kind of like the idea of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ferris, and I’ll second Michael Cera as Cameron. Emma Stone as Sloane and Kat Dennings as Jeannie, as others have suggested, would round it out nicely, with a toned-down Will Ferrell playing Principal Rooney.

  8. Kevin says:

    Zac Efron are you serious? The greatest thing about Farris Bueller was that he was an average if not dorky looking guy who just had this amazing charisma that it didn’t matter what he looked like you loved him anyway. He wasn’t some stupid pretty boy that coasted on his looks.

  9. Kevin says:

    Charlie Sheen would play Charlie Sheen. He did play himself in the first one right?

  10. bk says:

    Mr. T as Rooney

  11. Wade says:

    You deserve a foul ball upside the head for even suggesting a reboot of Ferris Bueller. You have made my internet blogger shitlist, sir!

    That lands you a sneer, a harumph, and a mighty flip of the bird!

  12. Alex says:

    The “why don’t we just shoot him?” scene definitely has my vote for the best Raiders scene.

    But a Ferris Bueller reboot would be a cinema crime. Although it would be funny if it was a gritty reboot that ended with the ridiculous “Fight Club” theory of the movie (some believe it was all in Cam’s head). Funny in a terrible way that is.

  13. Alex says:

    The “why don’t we just shoot him?” scene definitely has my vote for the best Raiders scene.

  14. Lokey says:

    Ferris Bueller should never, ever, EVAR be rebooted, but since it’s inevitable….I’d go Anton Yelchin for Ferris, Clark Duke for Cameron, and either Kat Dennings or Emma Stone for Sloane.

    And I love the suggestion of Jane Lynch as Rooney.

  15. Marc B says:

    Michael Cera needs to be banned from movies for the rest of his life.

  16. Wyatt Seablom says:

    Daniel Radcliffe – Farris Bueller
    Nicholas Braun – Cameron Frye
    Venessa Hudgens – Sloane Peterson
    Emma Stone – Jeannie Bueller
    Shia LaBeouf – Boy in Police Station
    John C. Rielly – Principal Ed Rooney
    also put Allan Ruck as Buellers Dad and Jennifer Grey as Buellers Mom, and give Matthew Broderick the best cameo, let him be the garage attendant who takes the car for a joy ride.

  17. nhlcyclesophist says:

    The last Indy movie finally brought home to me the fact that Lucas & Co. are hell-bent on destroying everything they made me love as a kid. I will not support any further films in this franchise…or SW, for that matter.

  18. Spencer K says:

    BTW, if Alan Ruck could play Cameron, there’s no reason that Chris Hardwick himself couldn’t play a senior in HS.

    Or maybe make it a true Nerdist adventure.

    Chris as Ferris, Matt as Cameron, and Jonah as Chris’s pee’d off brother!

  19. Spencer K says:

    Roman Polanski as Rooney?

    Too soon?

  20. Dean says:

    Matt Smith as Ferris, Arthur Darvill as Cameron, Karen Gillan as Sloane and Alex Kingston as Jeanie.

    But in this version Sloane is Cameron’s love interest, and Jeanie is Ferris’ love interest and not his sister despite what people on the internet may theorise.

  21. Matt says:

    Stacey, I like all your picks except Ferris. I would drop Johnny O’s suggestion of Donald Glover in for Ferris with the rest of your cast. I would see that.

  22. Stacey Ball says:

    While I have NO INTEREST in this movie being remade I would have to second your nom for Zac Efron, go with Jesse Eisenberg for Cam, Emma Stone for Sloane and perhaps spice things up a bit and have Jane Lynch as Rooney.

  23. CXRengel says:

    Hollywood should leave some things as they are. SERIOUSLY.

  24. Nick D. says:

    Ferris Bueller should never be remade. Ever.

  25. Johnny O. says: