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Foot Fetfish…

…was the worst pun I could come up with to describe this horrible, horrible sounding pedicure treatment. The Garra Rufa, which feeds on dead skin and even delicious psoriasis, is also known as the “Doctor Fish,” because you know how doctors love to eat their patient’s sickness right off them. Well, plucky Virginia spa-owner John Ho has turned these creatures’ scamperin’ into pamperin’. For a mere $50 American a school of flesh-hungry fish will do what no other carnivore will do: leave the good skin. While trying not to evacuate the full contents of their stomachs during the procedure, customers can focus on the fish’s tiny, adorable mouth, which is the only thing that keeps this from being mind-blowingly horrifying.

It seems like the classic “What’s grosser than gross” playground riddles: What’s grosser than gross? Feet. What’s grosser than that? Feet caked in dead skin and fungus. What’s grosser than that? 20 fish eating it off. What’s grosser than that? An old Asian man is getting paid to watch it happen.

The only thing that could make this more disgusting is if during the treatment the fish had diarrhea that turned into spidersThe Garra Rufa hungrily chows on matter that is actually more disgusting than the crap they’ll make from it. (Jacquelyn Martin/The Associated Press)

Via [IHT]

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  1. Brooks says:

    Those are not Garra Rufa, those are baby tilapia fish. Fake spa fish.

  2. Will says:

    Those ionic foot cleaners are a load of rubbish..
    it just makes the iron rust in the water, thats not puss, oil or toxins or anythin..
    its simply rust

  3. Casi says:

    arent there also detox foot pads or watever

    the fish thingy doesnt look that bad
    maybe the fish seem to massage ur feet too?

  4. chrisallen says:

    wow. those fish suck.

    have you heard of that ion foot cleaner thingie? it actually pulls toxins out of your body and what was once a clean tub of water turns brown and pussy and oily and ewww!

    i’d link a picture, but it’s soooo freaking gross dude. i can if you want me too. or just google “foot ion cleanser” on images, and look around….. eww!!!