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Follow the nerdist On TWITTER!

I held out as long as possible but Twitter is just too damned adorable to ignore anymore—and the iPhone app is nothing short of cuteness in a cone. Feel orgasmic cascades of joy wash over every nerve ending in your body by going to Get blog updates and who knows what kind of other Tweets. As your working eyes will plainly show you, I have added a constant reminder of this fact to the sidebar.

As you were.

Image: Twitter

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  1. The Nerdist says:

    Katai: I will Tweet! (i’m not comfortable with that sentence)
    Megan: I just nodded!
    Javon: I thank you!
    Giggle, Queen, Scott: Huzzah!

  2. Javon says:

    I will follow ya on my Twitter Mr.Hardwick

  3. Welcome to the land of twitterhos!

  4. Okay, be honest, this is because of all the twitter traffic I sent your monster Satan peach, right?

    Did I just hear you nod? 😉

    Now the fun begins when you actually follow people back. It’s the difference between masturbating and having actual sex with another person.

    Allow me to deflower you :
    Just click “follow.”

    Bring protection.

  5. Scott says:

    Welcome to the addiction that is Twitter.

  6. Katai says:

    I’m going to second Jesse Thorn’s sentiments and say that I hope you won’t merely be posting links to blog entries. You have more tweet power in you than that. I hope to be seeing tweets with such sparkling wit as “Satan ejaculated on a peach” and “cuteness in a cone.”

  7. Giggleloop says:

    Nice! I was wondering if you’d get on the Twitter bandwagon. 🙂