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First Non-Valve Steam Machine Prototype Images Surface

It looks like we’ll be graced with an addition to the growing number of weirdly designed video game boxes soon, as the very first third-party Steam Box prototype images have surfaced over on Engadget. As it stands, there are two models (codenamed Gordon and Freeman) in the works: one with a clear illuminated bar that sets in the center of the box and another with a black bar instead of a clear bar. No specifications have been confirmed for the prototypes but they are said to be running an early build of SteamOS .

According to the boxes’ manufacturer, iBuyPower, they’re still fairly young in their development but will be ready for release sometime next year. Keep in mind that this is not Valve’s prototype, which we’re still waiting to see sometime in the near future. We expect to hear a lot more about these new Steam Machines leading up to CES 2014 in early next year, but until then here are some fap-tastic photos of Gordon and Freeman just for you.

What do you think of this early Steam Machine designs? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: Engadget]

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  2. Anthony says:

    The DVD entry bay on the front must be cleverly hidden as I don’t see it. Also the dimensions are a bit hard to figure since the reference objects aren’t conveniently placed. I’m guessing it’s about the same form factor as a DVR, so it can stack with other video equipment?

  3. Shayde says:

    Call me when the GLaDOS version is shipping.

  4. Nissa says:

    Well that looks just nifty. I want one.