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Fighting The Big Bull

In the spirit of Rebecca Black, I wanted to find a band, someone OR ANYONE that embodies everything she does not – a musical soul, perhaps? It really didn’t take me that long.

Fight The Big Bull is a jazz collective that represents “rapturously chaotic sound” or so their website’s “about” page tells me. I’ve wanted to post about these guys for a while. They’re absolutely wonderful.

Their arrangements are intricate and polished, yet they their style is somewhat unkempt, leaving the genre of jazz open for the listeners interpretation. They’re clean and messy, new and old, a paradox contemporary music.

A recent project of theirs was an album led by David Karsten Daniels, who arranged Henry David Throeau poems as lyrics. This is so much better than Rebecca Black.

David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull – Salmon Brook from FatCat Records on Vimeo.

They’re currently playing with Megafun as a part of their ‘Sounds of the South’ performance.

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  1. Nic says:

    Here’s a goody. A little a bit of satire sprinkled over the whole Rebecca Black song tehehe.

  2. Chris says:

    I think the guy standing up is wearing an alpaca themed knitted hoodie. I love that I can’t tell how many people there are in the first video and all I get is the sound and dancing alpacas!

  3. Hurricane Ditka says:

    Was the guy in the first video with his back turned to the camera wearing a Christmas sweater?

  4. Mekanicalscientist says:

    Good stuff.
    Whenever shite like Rebecca Black or some other manufactured pop poop gets me down I always turn to bands like these for a source of hope for music.

    One constant source of that hope (my musical blankie if you will) has always been my good friend Jeff Keeran.
    He’s a very respected and talented songwriter and performer from Murfreesboro, TN and has been in several very influential bands from the area.
    I’ve only written one fan letter in my life, and although I never sent it, it was to him.
    Oh, and he was also in a band with the greatest name ever, The Glorious Return of the Sucks.
    Check him out I’d love to know what you think.
    Here’s a link for the song “Two Assholes”
    And a FB page for Spike and Mallets