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Feast Your Eyes on the ‘Time of the Doctor’ Trailer!

And here it is! Exactly a fortnight away from Christmas and we now have our first in-motion look at the Doctor Who special, “The Time of the Doctor,” which will see the end of Matt Smith’s reign as the titular Time Lord with a bevy of baddies, including, it seems, the military arm of the religious order known as the Silence. I hear tell it will fall. Clara begs someone to help change the future, which makes sense, given that Moffat is now telling us that he’s reached the end of his 13 lives, even though there’s clearly a new Doctor coming up.

I will reiterate my feelings of being incredibly sad to see Smith go, but also incredibly excited to start a new chapter in the series with an actor who is utterly brilliant. Apparently, every other actor to play the role now has to be a thin, Scottish person who’s been an enormous fan of Doctor Who since childhood. Just be prepared. Say goodbye to Matt and hello to Peter at 9/8c Christmas Day (December 25th) on BBC America.

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  1. Peter says:

    Dale:Moffat is going around claiming that the aborted regeneration in the Season 4 finale counts.

  2. Toni says:

    So many bad guys…dear Lord. I can’t WAIT!!!!!!

  3. Dale Cooper says:

    Actually Capaldi will be the thirteenth life of the Doctor (twelveth regeneration) so that story isn’t happening yet.

  4. gordon says:

    More than a little excited for this. Shame I won’t be able to watch it until the next day.

  5. Daniel says:

    This looks great!

  6. T_ says:

    OMFG…can’t wait!!! The Battle for Trenzalore has begun!

  7. Greg P says:

    No, the Black Vault has a photo wall but in this preview we see children’s drawings on a wall.

  8. greg says:

    when clara is asking someone to help, is that the wall of photographs from the UNIT Black Vault in the background?

  9. Wyatt Seablom says:

    They Put The Doctor In A TRAP?
    Wasn’t there something you should never put in a Trap?
    What Was It? O’ Well, they must not value their continued existence.