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FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot’s Dr. Doom Shortlist Down To Four Actors

With the principals of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot for Fox having been cast, the search is now narrowing down for an actor to play Victor Von Doom in the film. Although early reports had suggested that Doctor Doom might be played this time by a woman, it seems not to be the case anymore.


According to The Wrap, the short list is down to four actors now: Sam Riley (Control), Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables), Toby Kebbell (Wrath of the Titans), and Domhnall Gleeson (Dredd). It’s also being reported that actor Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) was once considered a fifth contender, but he is now no longer said to be in the running. All the actors in question are between the ages of 30-34, so they’ll be slightly older than the principal four, but still look young enough to be seen as contemporaries. Most importantly, all four of the guys aren’t American (three are British and one is Irish), so unlike the last incarnation, this Doom may at least have the appropriate haughty accent to tell “Richards” how superior he is in every way.


The all-new Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released in June, 2015.

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  1. MrQuinQueue says:

    17 days until they HAVE to start shooting or they lose the rights and they still don’t have a cast. This is going to be a turkey of EPIC proportions.

    Somebody should tell Disney to set the Lawyers on them on the grounds that a movie this bad is going to do untold damage to the underlying intellectual property.

  2. Lars says:

    Isn’t Marvel making a Dr. Doom movie? I guess we’ll have two Dr. Dooms.

  3. Whatever says:

    Most importantly, the last incarnation of Dr Doom wasn’t played by an American either… great reporting.

  4. I don’t know any of these guys but based on looks, I’d go with Mr. Top Right Corner.

  5. Batmantastic says:

    So they really are intent on fucking this one up too, huh?

    at least it looks like they’re being consistent in they’re choice to miscast every role.

  6. Jessica Duffy says:

    Eddie Redmayne hands down should be the new victor von doom. i think he can get really dark and scary with the character.

  7. j5150m says:

    with the way this thing is going, might as well cast Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8 as Doctor Doom

  8. Hickspy says:

    With the other roles, I was half expecting the shortlist for Doom to consist of Martin Short, Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, and the kid from 2 and a Half Men.