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Fans Recreate Classic GOONIES Game

This might be a little old in Internet time (the last build is dated October 2010), but with news swirling that Steven Spielberg is still planning a sequel to the first film for some reason, this felt relevant to some of your interests.

The Goonies fans at Sloth Team have recreated the platformer based on the film with redrawn graphics and an updated soundtrack. They’re quick to point out that this isn’t an update of the NES game some of us are more familiar with (or the sequel featuring a lost mermaid), but is instead a port of publisher U.S. Gold’s platformer for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 400/800 xl.

Sloth Team is, of course, giving the game away given the whole rights thing.

You can download the Goonies Remake full game for Windows here.

The Japan-only version that made its way onto the NES in 1986 followed the plot of the film, putting players in control of Mikey who was carrying around bombs and a slingshot for some reason.

The better-known sequel, The Goonies II, was released here in the States a year later, featuring the return of the Fratellis who’ve kidnapped the Goonies gang. As one of the less-odd film to game adaptations from that decade, and like the Friday the 13th game, The Goonies II offered a unique mix of side-scrolling and first-person action. It’s unfortunate that it hasn’t made its way to Virtual Console, but I imagine the licensing rights would be a mess to untangle.

Oh, and its cover art was some of the best of that generation.



HT: Sloth Team via Joystiq

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  1. Nicholas Roche says:

    Anyone have a “walkthrough” file for this? I just barely figured scene 1, and scene 2 is stonewalling me.

  2. Dave Ecklund says:

    Can also be run on a Mac using PlayOnMac (free). Need X11 / XQuartz installed

  3. gdkool says:

    Leave it alone! Goonies is a classic a sequel would spoil it. Of coarse fans are going to go see it,  Spielberg just has Dollar signs in his eyes

  4. gdkool says:

    My brother completed this, I was crap at it could never get past the mother always got my ears boxed