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Fan Creates Accurate, Dangerous-Looking BIOSHOCK Skyhook

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this replica of BioShock Infinite‘s rotating Skyhook? I mean, a whirling piece of thick metal on the end of a gauntlet, rotating at high speed? That’s a recipe for adventure and not face-smashing horror, right?

Thankfully, this prop from an upcoming BioShock fan film from PCND FX appears to be in wiser and more mature hands than my own, because I know I’d totally be swinging this thing around, smashing large vases on tiny pedestals and ruining the fine china.

This “airgrabber” is still a work in progress, and the video was shot as test footage, in part to see how it would look in motion while recording. However, the project’s Facebook page offers some exciting glimpses of other props showing up in the fan film, including a Little Sister’s syringe (complete with Little Sister actress), some props labelled with Ryan Industries logos, and most tantalizing of all, a complete Big Sister rig.

HT: Irrational Games

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  1. pcndfx says:

    Teaser for the film is online now .

  2. CB2001 says:

    RichardR – Constants and variables.

  3. Leah says:

    Big Sisters are the best! Every time I’d hear their scream and would see “Get Ready! A Big Sister Is Coming” I’d just start running around in circles I was so nervous. They way they jumped around in Bioshock 2 was sick.

  4. Ticcrin says:

    So RichardRon you’ve obviously never played Bioshock 2 because there sure is a Big Sister and honestly she’s much worse then the Big Daddy.

  5. LucidLoon says:

    Are you disavowing Bioshock 2 like it’s Highlander 2? Was it really that bad?

  6. RichardR says:

    Um- it’s an Air Grabber (as used in Rapture), not a Skyhook (as used in Columbia). And that’s a Big Daddy rig- there are no “Big Sisters.” (#-_-)