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We Found the Long-Lost FALLOUT Episode of CHEERS

♫♬ Sometimes you wanna go / where anybody is aliiiive♬ ♫

For a generation of TV viewers, Cheers was their local watering hole away from their local watering hole. Our hearts swelled and shrank with the on-again, off-again love affair of Sam and Diane; we rolled our eyes at Cliff Clavin’s know-it-all attitude; and we thanked the heavens for the Fraisier spin-off, which is directly responsible for 36% of the endorphins in Matt Mira and Matt Grosinger’s bodies at any given moment. Now, a generation of gamers are taking to the desolated streets of Boston, wandering through the post-apocalyptic playground in Fallout 4. Even before the game came out, we wondered whether or not Boston’s most famous bar would work its way into the virtual world—and it did in the form of an Easter egg. But would Fallout ever manage to seep into the booze-soaked and laugh-tracked universe of Cheers? The answer, at long last, is “yes.”

Filmed live in front of a severely irradiated studio audience, Fallout: Cheers transports Carla, Sam, Woody, Cliff, Fraisier, and the gang to the decimated wasteland of the Commonwealth. Will Sam land a date with a pair of bloodthirsty raiders? Is Woody’s skin condition the result of advanced radiation poisoning? And just where the hell did Norm get that nifty new necklace? Find out on the first-and-possibly-last-ever episode of Fallout: Cheers. And stay tuned for a very special spin-off at the end…

What other classic sitcoms would you like to see transported to the post-apocalypse? Let us know in the comments below!

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CARLA – Jess Lane
WOODY – Zach Broussard
FRASIER – Joan Ford
CLIFF – Aaron Alberstein
SAM – Matt Cordova
NORM – Dylan Booth
RAIDER – Tybee Diskin
RAIDER – Alita LaShae

Written & Directed by Ben Mekler
Producer – Jason Nguyen
Production Manager – Stephen Czerwinski
Director of Photography – Meena Singh
1st AC – Sal Vega
2nd AC – Koko Lee
Camera Operator – Jesse McKeil
Gaffer – Russell Bell
BB Electric – Will Elder
Key Grip – Lev Abrahamian
BB Grip – Aram Martirosyan
Prod. Designer – Mitch Thompson
Set Dresser – Adam Nungester
Costume Designer – Raelynn Esterlina
Key Make-Up – Cici Andersen
Asst. Make-Up – Caitlyn Brisbane
Production Sound – Chris Buch
Set PA – Alex Shifman
Set PA – Ohan Ghazarian
Editor – Jordan Epstein
VFX – Joe Humpay
Music – Mike Barnett

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