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Extreme Office Parkour

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  1. iheartguts says:

    that shirt makes you look so hot and nerdy.

  2. Brian says:

    And yet, they only had to destroy one computer monitor to shoot all of that 🙂

  3. Deltus says:

    That was extremely extreme!

  4. your trainer says:

    Loved it! A true office ninja! One could not do that unless they were in AWESOME physical shape! No one w/ a bad back could do that!

    Waaay funny!!!

    I am proud…

  5. Thea says:

    Though I did enjoy this quite a bit, it reminded me quite a bit of Tim & Eric’s “Jim and Derrick” sketches. But that’s not a bad thing, that’s actually a pretty freaking rad thing. So keep on breakin’ shit.

  6. Ramon says:

    “you better monitor that com-com-computer, what” lol

  7. Rudy says:

    So frickin funny. As per always Mr. Hardwick.

    Nice tweet.

  8. Sam Swanson says:

    Who knew there were so many breakable vases in the G4 offices?

  9. Stef says:

    Haha! I love how “Turtle Has Sex With Shoe” was at the end! I just saw that video about a week ago and shared it with my friends (they think I’m creepy now… so it didn’t go over well… yeah… oh well).

  10. dlew says:

    Can I just get a clarification on the word, was it “tripdickular?”

  11. barb says:

    Nice work. I predict your website will be up for an award sometime in the future. (I’m actually trying to nominate your site for a Webby- but I’m not super ambitious when my personal life isn’t directly involved, so we’ll see how it goes.) But keep up the funny…you’re good at what you do.

  12. that was great!! Web Soup just gets better and better.

  13. BA says:

    bahahaha. “extreme home makeover.” i didn’t even know what parkour was until…literally yesterday, and now i feel like i’m reading about it everywhere. there’s actually a great article in FLYP about it:

    (nowhere near as extreme as the parkour seen in the video above, however.)

  14. Dumblond says:

    Aww. You made that poor man cry on the toilet.

  15. Danielle says:

    That was personally quite terrifying for me…

  16. Jaime says:

    Effing hilarious!

  17. aaron says:

    I liked everything except the creepy clown at the end.

  18. RadNerd says:

    oh man, this is good.

  19. Meg says:

    and i meant gymnasTASTIC! wicked good times with this one, mr. christopher. nice kicks in the vid, btw.

  20. shaun says:

    That was frickin’ fantastic. Web Soup > Tosh.0. You rock Chris.