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Explore INTERSTELLAR’s Universe Before You See The Movie

Explore INTERSTELLAR’s Universe Before You See The Movie

The science in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar is refreshingly accurate, and now you can use it to explore the space between the stars well before the movie comes out.

Launching today, the team behind Interstellar have crafted a game capitalizing on the physics and space travel featured in the film. You play as the Endurance — the space-warping ship of Interstellar — tasked with completing collection-based missions using finely-tuned physics and gravity simulations. Both the movie and the game relied on the theories and input from Kip Thorne, a noted theoretical physicist. As such, you can use the gravity of planets and stars to slingshot yourself across and between solar systems, looking both for fuel and resources.

Interstellar Game 3

The game is fairly robust. Though the controls were a bit wonky for me on the browser version (I tested an early version of the game), it’s fun to mess around with the planet customization tools and gravity-assisted maneuvers. Once enough players are navigating the Interstellar game, it promises the ability to share your customized solar system with friends and to make your own missions. It’s bit like Osmos crossed with Angry Birds Space.

Interstellar Game 2

Navigating a black hole is something that not even light can do, but you are challenged to try in this tie-in. The graphics quality and the difficulty make this by far the best part of the game (shown in the top image). Other nice touches of physics include seeing the gravity wells that each massive body creates in the game’s grid, and the insistence on two forms of fuel, both chemical and solar.

Interstellar Game 1

But what I was really left with after playing were questions. If not just for the oddities of how time changes for you when you travel near light speed, why does the game keep track of your mission time as “Mission” and “Earth” time? What is the bubble surrounding the Endurance as it travels between solar systems? A warp-bubble? I suspect that Interstellar will have some of the same suspensions of reality to make efficient space travel feasible, but because the film is so heavily crafted around real science, I must know the answers!

Interstellar Game 4

You can play theĀ InterstellarĀ game right now in your browser or as an app on Google Play today, with an iOS app dropping later next week.


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  1. Sea_ray says:

    Oh November why aren’t you here yet?!?! 

  2. Sea_ray says:

    It may be as simple as that given time dilation and the time it takes to find a (new planet to colonize, extraterrestrial solution to climate change, etc) humanity may have become extinct.
    Here in lies the attractive nature of wormholes (for “big leaps across the galaxy”), instantaneous locale shift without the effects of near light travel. Kinda like saving the big bomb for the worst possible situation.

  3. Dave says:

    when you’re moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light, time slows down for you relative to other reference frames which have remained stationary – this effect is called time dilation –

    • Kyle Hill says:

      But I’m wondering how this factors into the movie. We know that the daughter in the film significantly ages, but I want to know if time dilation will be central to the plot.