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Exclusive: Joel Hodgson Curating Another MST3K Turkey Day Streaming Marathon

Exclusive: Joel Hodgson Curating Another MST3K Turkey Day Streaming Marathon

There was a time, in the not-too-distant future-past, when Thanksgiving Day meant Mystery Science Theater. Joel and/or Mike and the bots would offer specially-shot host segments germane to the day of tryptophan, family squabbling, and your creepy uncle being way too eager to unbutton his pants. Oh, what glorious days were those, when you could plop in front of Comedy Central and enjoy people and robots making fun of bat movies while your mom resented your dad for wanting to watch with you instead of helping her. Those days aren’t completely over, though, friends; back by popular demand, and because last year was such a monster success. Shout! Factory will again be hosting an online MST3K Turkey Day marathon, and boy howdy we couldn’t be more excited.

This year’s crop of classic episodes was handpicked by series creator and first captive aboard the Satellite of Love, Joel Hodgson, who will also be providing brand new host segments introducing all six of episodes. We’re also told that these host segments will include special guest appearances as well, so we might be seeing other members of the gang, or maybe just comedy luminaries, on the day as well. The exact list of episodes hasn’t been finalized yet, but fans are encouraged to tweet Joel to make a case for your favorite.

The whole shebang (technical term) kicks off Thursday, November 27th, Thanksgiving Day you know, at 9:00am PT/12 Noon ET on the aptly addressed So, hook the internet up to your television if it isn’t already, forego football (because it’s always the Cowboys and Lions anyway) and watch 12 hours+ of riff-making goodness.

And to whet your whistle, here’s a bumper from last year’s live stream.

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  1. gerasco says:

    Trying to get the feed from the YouTube app on my Roku and I’m getting the Playback Error message.  This is during the “Pregame” showing of Manos.  Doesn’t look like the actual marathon is going to be playing on my TV.  

  2. Dejahthoris says:

    Would anyone from Shout Factory or any other entity or individual like to share how this can viewed on tv? I understand youtube will not allow live streaming to be used with Chrome cast. Our family would like to see it on the big screen. Would a ps4 work?

  3. Pete says:

    The current situation with airplay and apple tv is laggy, stuttery goodness – not the way I want to enjoy Turkey day.  Has anyone had success connecting their iPad or iPhone to their tv with a hardware cable to watch the marathon?

    • Tiffany says:

      I’m giving my first gen Apple TV a test run with Mitchell now.  The sound was out of sync a bit when I played it from my MacBook Pro, but stopping and starting again fixed it.  It worked like a charm from my iPhone.  

  4. Ally says:

    “making fun of bat movies” ?!

  5. Frank says:

    Man…I wish the MST3K gang would make fun at BAT movies like article says….sigh

  6. Prince of Watching his SPAACE cushion!

  7. Jon says:

    Woohoo! More of this!

  8. Jon C says:


  9. Unfortunately, I have to work on Thanksgiving, like every other year. Problem with working for a big box store. I’d rather be watching the marathon.

  10. Starshine Frost says:

    Man, I really miss MST3K.  Check out Cinematic Titanic if you can, especially the live shows, they are hilarious.

    • PJ says:

      CT is done touring, but if you have Amazon Prime a few of their videos are available.

    • Graknar Lord of the Spider People says:

      Rifftrax is also good, though it’s more of Mike Nelson’s humor than Joel’s. I enjoy them both.

  11. The only disappointment last year was that I could not get this to work on my Chromecast. Will this year be different?

  12. GersonK says:

    Special guests? Maybe the bots will have more than a non-speaking cameo this year?

  13. John D says:

    This is a big barrel of awesomeness. I watched last year’s marathon. It was a great selection of shows from both the Joel and Mike eras. The only bummer is that my marathon-viewing will be interrupted by dinner at the in-laws (stoopid family holiday traditions!).

  14. sam says:

    somebody smart should make a Roku channel because their mirroring is still in beta and isn’t 100%

    • RorySantino says:

      It’s streaming live on YouTube, according to the site. Just use the YouTube app…

      • j.b. says:

        Last time around, youtube was not letting you mirror this particular show out to roku (or to built-in youtube app)

        • Pj says:

          Yep this exactly.  Could watch on the computer but not via Roku or TiVo YouTube apps.  I will not be near a TV this year so I will miss it.

  15. Orionsangel says:

    I miss MST3K! I’m more of a Joel guy, but Mike was a swell guy too.

    • sam says:

      you can still enjoy RiffTrax, same guys but no robots 🙁

      • Orionsangel says:

        I know and I have, but it’s just not the same.

      • Matt says:

        As somebody who prefers the Mike era of MST, I gotta say, RiffTrax isn’t so hot.

        • Rebochan says:

          Rifftrax can be *very* hit or miss, but some of their best work is on par with the classics.  I’d recommend checking out The Guy From Harlem, Cool as Ice, or darn near any of their short films.  Of their big budget releases, I’m a fan of *any* of the Twilight films (they amazingly did not burn out on all of them!), High School Musical, or Birdemic (“big budget”).

        • JasonP says:

          Rifftrax Live can be a mixed bag as well.  Sharknado was hilarious, Godzilla was very weak, but then they rebounded with a great performance for Anaconda.

      • CirceHerbivoraa says:

        But the robots were an intrinsic part of the charm…the magic!  I don’t know why, but those ridiculous puppets MADE the show just a bit more hilarious, rather than having a permanent heckler- you had a captive peanut gallery.   Maybe they need NEW puppets, like vermin in a squalid apartment (Rat, Cockroach, silverfish) or Muppets on the lam from a cruel children’s theater.