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EXCLUSIVE Deleted SLEEPY HOLLOW Selfie Scene Plus All New SleepyCast!

And that’s a wrap! The incredible season two finale of Sleepy Hollow aired last night on Fox and left fans floored with twists and turns (can you say Ben Franklin?!) and one major character’s death that will be much harder to undo. SleepyCast host Clarke Wolfe sat down with showrunner and “Tempus Fugit” scribe Mark Goffman to discuss the episode at great length.

Plus, watch the uncut Ichabod and Abbie selfie video above, only on!

Sleepy Hollow may be done for now but the SleepyCast still has one more episode to go! Tune in next Tuesday, March 2 for the SleepyCast season finale featuring Mark answering your questions and an all new interview with the one and only Lyndie Greenwood.

Send your questions for Lyndie to Clarke on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or via email at [email protected].

What did you think of the season two finale, Sleepyheads? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Linda says:

    So glad Sleepy Hollow was renewed!  I’ve been looking for that info ever since the finale!  While season 2 started slower they did “get their groove back” and I hope they return to the creativity of the first season.  Love the actors and writers!!

  2. Unbelievably awesome writing, acting and directing. Like Fringe before it, I go through withdrawals when the season ends. The fact that I used to live in Sleepy Hollow and knew the legend from a different POV, I LOVE how is woven into the mod story lines. God bless,  you guys. 🙂 <3 

    • Logic says:

      Nothing incredible about the writing, acting, or directing. The ratings are in the dumpster because of the hammy awfulness of it all. It will be very lucky if it gets a 3rd season. What a horrible misstep season 2 turned out to be.

  3. MauveAvenger says:

    I love it! We should watch this every Christmas!

  4. melissa says:

    Adorable! Oh, I wish they had time to put at least half of that into the finale!! Thanks for sharing 🙂