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Every STRANGER THINGS Character’s Best Moment

Every STRANGER THINGS Character’s Best Moment

Go back into the Upside Down with me—as in, the world of Stranger Things. If the actual Upside Down exists, I want no part of it. That’s a lie; a tiny part of me is curious. Anyway! Stranger Things. By now you’ve probably come to understand why the Netflix series is constantly popping up in headlines around the internet. People watch the series, get excited, share their enthusiasm, that inspires others, and the cycle continues. It’s the magic of a show that exists on a streaming service, freed of the usual schedule for television seasons.

Stranger Things was released not that long ago, and I still see friends discovering it every week. Whether you just indulged in a rewatch or recently had your first encounter with the Demogorgon, look back at every character’s best moment with me. For the purposes of this list, every character means major non-villain characters.

Chief Hopper

When he busted into the high tech Hawkins Lab with wire cutters. That’s just how he rolls. Jim Hopper broke the mold of typical small town sheriffs continually, but he was most compelling when he was in “I don’t give a shit” mode, which was not infrequently.

Joyce Byers

When she strung Christmas lights in her living room to communicate with Will despite all the risks. Joyce’s positive attitude kept Will alive. She stuck to her beliefs regardless of the people who tried to pat her on the head and tell her to calm down.

Jonathan Byers

When he experienced the Upside Down firsthand and was brave enough to weapon up and go back. PS: Jonathan, don’t creep on people and take photos without their consent.

Mike Wheeler

When he was kind to Eleven and took her in despite not knowing anything about her. Oh, to be as trusting and optimistic as a kid.

Stranger Things


When she continued to use her powers to help others even though it obviously caused her pain and was detrimental to her health. Bleeding from the nose isn’t a sign of anything positive. Eleven put herself on the line again and again to assist her new friends. Yes, that’s technically moments plural. I can’t help it. She was a total badass.

Dustin Henderson

When he convinced Mr. Clarke to give him instructions to build a sensory deprivation tank. Also, just about everything Dustin did and said was the best.

Lucas Sinclair

When he warned Mike government agents were en route to Mike’s house to take Eleven. We lost a little time with Lucas because he lost it, but once he was back with the gang, he was all in and awesome.

Nancy Wheeler

When she decided to face her fears and investigate the Demogorgon to try to find Barb. Nancy wasn’t naturally the fearless sort, but she shook it off and went on the hunt. Like Jonathan, she was willing to go back into the fray.

Steve Harrington

When he realized he’d been a dick and apologized to Nancy and Jonathan. Steve’s arc was back and forth, but he took a turn I didn’t expect. For the record, I’m still not the biggest Steve fan.

Will Byers

When he figured out how to communicate from the Upside Down. The Demogorgon killed Barb quickly, but this kid managed to stay alive and talk his way out.

Barbara Holland

When she tried to warn Nancy about Steve being a jerk. Look, I’m only including Barb because if I don’t, the internet at large will yell at me. Barb doesn’t deserve any of this breakout character nonsense.

Do you agree with my picks for best moments? If not, share your choices with me in the comments or at Twitter.

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Images: Netflix

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