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EARTH TO ECHO Looks Like a Millennial GOONIES With a Splash of E.T.

A trailer was released today for the summertime flick Earth to Echo, and it feels like E.T. and The Goonies — with a little bit of Super 8 thrown in for good measure — joined forces to birth an adorable alien adventure baby together. By the looks of the it, the film has all the necessary parts to make a fantastic kids movie for the modern age: there are friendships, “found footage,” phone viruses, aliens, bicycles, and a quest to save an otherworldly, stranded friend from the big, bad, know-nothing adults attempting to run the show.

Centered around friends Tuck, Munch and Alex — the blond one is a tiny Sean Astin if ever I’ve seen one — their epic quest will test the limits of their friendship all while promising to change their lives forever. No word on whether or not the bicycles fly in this one, though. Check out the trailer below:

There’s even a visually intricate and exciting poster (check out that beautiful geometry!), seemingly triangulating where, exactly, Echo is hoping to phone home. This one’s sure to be on your younger sibling’s to-see list (and it might even be on yours, you product of childhood nostalgia, you!):


Earth to Echo lands in theaters July 2, 2014. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. assad says:

    so i just won 2 free tickets to this movie at advance screening does any one want them at june 28

  2. assad says:

    whats up

  3. Cpt Spaulding665 says:

    I want to like this movie but it just makes me want to watch all the movies this film rips off instead of seeing this movie

  4. Fiendrunner says:

    Does anybody remember “The Explorers.” River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke.

  5. DanT says:

    Echo looks like Bubo’s modern counterpart. (robotic owl from Clash of the Titans)

  6. DrClown says:

    I was thinking Explorers, too.

  7. gdkool says:

    You’re being chased your friend has fallen needs help and is about to be eaten by Aliens/zombies, rather than save them just keep filming.
    This looks so annoying even if it wasn’t in Easycam.

  8. Awol says:

    The early shots reminded a lot of The Explorers.

  9. JMK says:

    One word..meh

  10. Nathan Sides says:

    I loved E.T. I loved Goonies and I loved Super 8!!! Why would I not go this!

  11. Sorry, but this movie is automatically disqualified for being the moment when the obnoxiously overdone found footage genre infected childrens’ entertainment.

  12. Tiffany Scott says:

    Goonies never say die!