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‘Dude, you HAVE no Quraaaan!’

I’d like to take a moment out of my regular scheduled nerding-out-about-scripted-television in order to salute America’s local news bureaus. Because every day they are out in the trenches covering the news and, while their job is still ostensibly to inform, sometimes they also manage to entertain. Sometimes – oh, those glorious sometimes – that includes running into characters like Jacob Isom. And when someone decides to take their footage of Jacob’s interview and auto-tune it… the magic, IT HAPPENS:

Just when I thought I was good and done with the auto-tune trend, too. Damn. They keep pulling me back in!! </pacino>

(via Urlesque)

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  1. SpitBite says:

    Though this comment was made in September…

    The Chief Pack no longer exists, and has not since…2006 I believe. And Jake the Bake has never been part of that group. Known him since I was 15, and believe me when I say he’s not skating on his parents’ money. This is Amarillo, we’re talking about, people.

  2. N17pr says:

    a month later and I’m still listening to it ><

  3. fletch says:

    [… snuck up behind …]

    Found this site a few days back linked from a badastronomy post. I CANNOT get this stupid song out of my head!

    [… off the park grill…]

    BTW, love the site!

    [… dude you have no quaran …]

  4. Tickles the Clown says:

    When I first read the story of this incident the description of the person who took the Quran was “some skater kid”. Wow. The only thing this guy is skating on is on his parents money. Good find!

  5. Scott Sigler says:

    I’m glad he took a break from hackey sacking around the drum circle to cut this track.

  6. Pandoras Lunchbox says:

    Milhouse has changed.

  7. Glen A. says:

    No, he’s part of a group in Amarillo we like to call Chief Pack. They are a group of kids who are funded by a local crazy pedophile millionaire. This kids are despised by most of the other groups in Amarillo.

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen “Jake the Bake” conscious.

  8. Amerah says:

    This person is obviously not as good as schmoyo (aka Auto-Tune the News). But it’s interesting to see others try it out.

  9. Jim P says:

    Auto-tune — the best worst invention ever.

  10. kerry says:

    May Allah bless your rat tail.

  11. Theotokos says:

    I love that they call them “fauxhemians” instead of hipsters.

  12. BrokenJpg says:

    Dude you have no koran have no koran have no koran.