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Stephen Hawking’s Apocalypse Predictions, Ducktales with Real Ducks, Bad Mario, and Black Burgers!

Christmas is coming early this year, cause today’s Nerdist News WTFridays is just jam-packed with goodies for absolutely everyone!

Feeling nostalgic? Then check out Disney’s recreation of those classic Ducktales opening titles, remixed with real ducks! Feeling naughty? Watch Mario cause some of the internet’s greatest fails. Feeling hungry? Well, Jessica Chobot‘ll put an end to that when she introduces you to Burger King Japan’s Black Burger! Feeling hopeless? Stephen Hawking’s right there with you, pal, and he’s got a brand new apocalypse scenario guaranteed to scare the ever-loving crap out of you. Plus, we’ve got your Best Worst Comment of the Week! See? Something for everyone.

Thanks for tuning in this week, guys, don’t forget to come on back for more nerdy goodness on Monday, and let us know in the comments below if you’d ever try the Black Burger!

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Who Is the Better Avatar: Aang or Korra?

An Official Statement from Nerdist

An Official Statement from Nerdist



  1. AlyssaRI says:

    Lol!  “YAY!”

  2. Aaron says:

    With Jessica talking about it the apocalypse doesn’t seem so bad does it? And how does she get more and more beautiful every day ??

  3. Jonn Milenko says:

    “Makes you question, what the hell your doing putting this thing in your mouth”…Thats what Chobot Said!

  4. mikedudez says:

    so J.J. Abrams did get it right with Vulcan imploding into a black-hole. fuck you astrophysics.

  5. Chris Ewing says:

    This was done with 4 “Red Balloons 😉