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Don’t Tell Your Boss, But There’s A Web Browser Version Of “Angry Birds” Now

Well, there’s this: You can now play Angry Birds on your computer through your web browser, if your browser, at least initially, is Google Chrome. Rovio unveiled the game for the web today at Google I/O, and it’s available now through the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome version has special levels exclusive to this version. AS IF YOU NEEDED SOMETHING ELSE WITH WHICH TO WASTE TIME AT WORK.

You can get it here. Our deepest apologies to your work productivity.

HT: Mashable

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  1. Dr B says:

    I have a doctoral thesis to finish. Therefore, I hate you. *sigh* Of course, I’m going to be flinging birds with delight and abandon very soon…

  2. Natalie says:

    we’re doomed! damn green pigs!

  3. Carrie says:

    I tried playing this god-forsaken game on my Android phone, but it wouldn’t load properly…looking back, that was probably a good thing. I have now been playing for an hour. It’s taunting me. Damn it all to hell.

  4. The Deej says:

    stupid thing keeps telling me to upgrade chrome even though I have the latest version and there’s no link to help.

    probably for the best I think

  5. DMack says:

    For those not using chrome

  6. Carol Elaine says:

    Not having an iPhone and trying to keep the apps on my Android phone to a minimum (I just don’t like a lot of apps), I had never played Angry Birds. Until today.

    Damn you, Hardwick! Damn you to hell!!!

    (Of course, I finally got through Level 1-20 when the game decided it didn’t want to record that level. Great. *sigh*)

  7. Julian says:

    So do I send it to my boss so he is also playing.

  8. Alisha says:

    I’m gonna get myself in trouble now! thanks Chris 🙂

  9. Luneowl says:

    Nooo, I have a trip to pack for…I’ve played all these levels already…NONE OF THESE THINGS MATTER!

  10. gutobr says:

    Must resist the birds….must not lose my job…. DAMN you ROVIO!!!