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“Don’t Not Tell The Truth To Me,” Episode 1

Mr. Hardwick checked in early this morning and passed along this video from Rick Mitchell and Chris Reed, a pretty amusing parody of Lie To Me. Herewith, “Don’t Not Tell The Truth To Me”:

“I’m the exact right age for this shit… but I still don’t like it.”  Story of my life, actually. I’ve never watched Lie to Me, but something tells me that after watching this, I don’t really have to.

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  1. tedder says:

    It hasn’t been cancelled unless you have a source saying otherwise. It’ll probably be announced in May if it gets picked up for a fourth season.

  2. g.e.r.d. says:

    Lie to Me was a great show!

    Too bad it was cancelled. FOX strikes again.

  3. says:

    Naah… didn’t like it much the parody…
    Lie to Me is amazing!
    Tim Roth makes the difference!

  4. Sawyer says:

    Wasn’t Shawn Ryan the showrunner on Lie To Me for a while? I’m sure that’s a large factor in its unexpected quality.

    @Hardwick: It sure was. I’m still waiting for the bridging documentary in which Banner undergoes plastic surgery to change appearances between the two released documentaries.

  5. Chris Hardwick says:

    It was amazing that Tim Roth was able to recover after the Hulk kicked him into a tree.

    That was a documentary, right?

  6. Bigfatmatt says:

    Lie to me is sweet. When it first started I figured it would be a standard weekly mystery show, only the main character isn’t a cop he’s a human lie detector. It turned out that was just a setup for some amazing acting. Tim Roth blows me away with every episode. They should give that guy some sort of award.

  7. tedder says:

    Lie To Me is awesome TV. It just isn’t as funny as generic dismissiveness.

  8. Gabe says:

    That had a few amusing moments, but was absolutely nothing like Lie To Me. The parts that were actually trying to parody the show didn’t really work. I highly recommend you check out the actual Lie To Me, as it is awesome.

  9. CK says:

    Lisa I completely agree. Nothing like back to back shows starring gorgeous intelligent misanthropes. 😛

  10. Lisa G says:

    “Lie To Me” is a great show, mainly because Tim Roth is one of the greatest actors on the planet. There’s nothing better than having him and Hugh Laurie back-to-back in my living room on Monday nights.